Top Branding Skills to Incorporate for Any Small Business

If you’re running a small business, you might be at the point where you’re ready for more people to know who you are, what you’re offering, and how to get it. But that’s easier said than done. There are plenty of guides out there about how to use TikTok and what to post on Instagram. However, sometimes the fundamentals are missing.


It’s a problem that even some of the biggest brands in the world suffer from. You, no doubt, have come across a post or a website that feels shoddy. Rarely is it something you can put your finger on. You just know when you see it. These brands are lacking the basics of marketing. What about starting a small business website that is fully functional and optimized, with great content, a welcoming vibe, and a secure connection?


Proper marketing makes the difference between a good campaign and a bad one. As such, you will need the fundamentals to stand out. For example, if you’re running a clothing store or are involved in the fashion industry, you’re in a very densely populated market which is hard to stand out in.


Therefore it is important to look at how you can optimize your content on social media channels. This will ensure that your customers pay attention and keep coming back. As fashions change, new lines are introduced, and new trends emerge. You’ll want to keep established customers returning for more and enticing new customers to your business.


Keep reading for our top tips to improve your small business marketing tactics.


Customer knowledge

Everything in marketing and branding starts with knowing who your customer is. It dictates every decision you make about your products, your service, your branding, and your marketing.


The first step is to make a profile of who you are marketing to. Your demographic should be detailed and should give an overview of their lifestyle. What do/don’t they like? How do they spend their money? What are their problems and how do you fix them?


From there, you can pepper your content with language that appeals to this demographic. Show them that you understand their problems and that your products can solve them.


Critical thinking and problem solving

If you have a small team, or you’re handling the marketing yourself, know that the most valuable quality is problem-solving. Marketing issues rise so quickly nowadays that you must have the reflexes to deal with them. Swamping bad reviews? Trailing analytics? A campaign not taking off in the way you thought? These things happen, and it’s no one’s fault, but you need to know how to course-correct for better results. You have to identify where things are going wrong and make corrections.



Everything requires an element of storytelling. The narrative and the story are crucial to stir feelings. Branding differentiates between telling customers “Buy this” and “You will love this product because…”. Every piece of content should be made with a concise narrative in mind. And in the age of TikTok, we’re learning how to do that better and better. TikTok allows users to convey their message in the shortest amount of time. As the viewers’ attention span decreases, you have to know how to effectively get your point across in as few words as possible. All while still being engaging.


Writing skills

If you’re having trouble writing engaging content, you might want to look into a creative writing or a copywriting course. Writing skills are essential. Even the shortest captions must contain the rules of writing to be an engaging piece of media. It has to convey information clearly and concisely while still being interesting.

Plus, there is your tone to work on. As much as you need to tailor your visual aesthetic to your demographic, you need to tailor your voice. Are you professional and serious or authentic and understandable? It depends on your brand but is shaped by your writing tone.



These are the basics of making quality content, but it’s easy to spot where it’s missing as a consumer. Even some of the biggest brands have marketing that lacks a good narrative, understanding of their demographic, or a skewed message. A famous example that comes to mind is the Pepsi/Kendall Jenner advert. Don’t become legendary for all the wrong reasons. With these tips, you’ll be able to stand out for all the right reasons: as a professional business brand that knows how to connect with customers.