Minecraft Animals Explained: Horses, Donkeys And Mules



One of the most iconic and beloved animals in Minecraft is the horse. Horses are found in various biomes across the game and can be tamed, ridden, and used for transportation. Here’s everything you need to know about horses in Minecraft.

When you encounter a horse in the game, you will notice that they come in different colors, including brown, black, white, and gray. Each color variant has its own unique stats, such as speed and jump height. So, be sure to choose a horse that suits your needs.

To tame a horse, you’ll need to approach it slowly and right-click on it to mount it. The horse will initially buck you off, but keep trying until it accepts you as its rider. To speed up the taming process, you can feed the horse golden apples or golden carrots, which can be obtained through crafting or looting dungeons.

Once tamed, you can equip your horse with a saddle and horse armor, which not only provides protection but also enhances its appearance. You can find saddles in dungeons or by fishing, and horse armor can be crafted using iron ingots.

One important aspect to consider is the horse’s health and stamina. Horses have a health bar that depletes when they take damage, so be sure to avoid dangerous situations to keep your horse alive. Additionally, horses have a stamina bar that decreases when they sprint or jump. It’s essential to manage the stamina to avoid exhausting your horse.

Horses in Minecraft have various uses. They can be ridden to traverse long distances quickly or used in transportation systems like horse-drawn carts. Moreover, horses can jump over obstacles such as fences and ravines, making them indispensable for exploration and traversal.

Lastly, breeding horses is possible by feeding two tamed horses golden apples or golden carrots. When bred, they produce a foal that inherits traits from its parents, such as color and stats. Breeding horses can help you create a stable of powerful and unique steeds.


In Minecraft, the trusty donkey is another incredible animal companion you can encounter. Donkeys are known for their ability to carry heavy loads and serve as a reliable form of transportation. Here’s what you need to know about donkeys in Minecraft.

When you come across a donkey in the game, you’ll notice that they have a brown and gray coat. Donkeys can be tamed and ridden, just like horses, but they have some unique characteristics that set them apart. For example, donkeys have chest slots, which allow them to carry items for you, making them excellent pack animals.

To tame a donkey, you’ll need to approach it slowly and right-click on it to mount it. Similar to horses, the donkey may initially try to buck you off, but persistence will eventually lead to success. Once tamed, you can equip the donkey with a saddle to ride it and a chest to store your items.

Donkeys have the advantage of being able to carry more items than any other mob in the game. When the donkey is equipped with a chest, it gains the ability to store up to 15 slots of items. This can be incredibly useful during mining trips or when transporting large quantities of resources.

While donkeys are not as fast or agile as horses, they compensate with their carrying capacity. They are slower than horses and have lower jump heights, but they are still reliable forms of transportation, especially when you have a lot of items to transport.

In addition to their utility for carrying items, donkeys can also be bred. By feeding two tamed donkeys golden apples or golden carrots, you can breed them and produce a baby donkey, also known as a foal. Breeding donkeys can be a great way to expand your pack animal collection and increase their carrying capabilities.

Overall, donkeys provide a unique and valuable addition to your Minecraft adventures. With their ability to carry heavy loads and store items in chests, they are indispensable companions for long trips and resource gathering excursions.


In Minecraft, the mule is a hybrid offspring of a donkey and a horse. Mules combine the traits of both animals, making them a highly desirable companion for various tasks. Let’s dive into the world of mules in Minecraft.

Obtaining a mule requires crossbreeding a horse and a donkey. This breeding process can be achieved by having one of each animal, right-clicking on them both with golden apples or golden carrots, and waiting for them to produce a mule foal. It’s important to note that mules cannot breed with other mules.

Mules inherit traits from both their horse and donkey parents. They have long ears like donkeys and come in different colors, just like horses. Additionally, mules can carry items in their chest slots, similar to donkeys, making them excellent pack animals for resource transportation.

While mules lack the ability to breed, their unique features make them a valuable asset. They possess the strength and endurance of a donkey, allowing them to carry heavy loads, as well as the speed and jumping abilities of a horse. This versatility makes them ideal for tasks that require both strength and agility.

In terms of speed and agility, mules are comparable to horses. They can be ridden and controlled using a saddle, and their jump height is similar to that of horses. While they may not excel in one specific area, their balanced attributes make them a reliable choice for transportation and exploration.

Similar to donkeys, mules have the ability to store items in a chest. This extra storage capacity can be extremely helpful during mining or when transporting valuable resources. Mules can help you carry a significant amount of items, minimizing the need for constant trips back to your base.

Overall, mules offer a unique combination of the best traits from both horses and donkeys. They are reliable, versatile, and valuable companions in Minecraft. Whether you need a strong pack animal or a swift mode of transportation, the mule is the perfect choice to accompany you on your adventures.