How to Sign Up for the Same Website or App Unlimited Times using Online Phone Numbers

How to Sign Up for the Same Website or App Unlimited Times using Online Phone Numbers

Nowadays we use different websites and apps to perform many routine tasks on the web. Messaging friends and relatives, ordering goods, paying for services: they help to do a lot of things. However, even though most often it is enough to have one account on a particular platform, sometimes it also can become necessary to register and manage multiple profiles. There can be various reasons for this. But what if the platform requires verifying a separate mobile phone number for every new account? Regardless of purpose, there is only one effective solution to this request.

Online numbers as an effective solution

The first solution that comes to mind when trying to register multiple times for the same website or app with mandatory phone number verification is to purchase additional SIM cards. This is not a bad choice, but not really an effective one. Getting it done requires spending some time on visiting the cellular provider store and doing a lot of paperwork, not to mention the money aspect. The decision to buy an online phone number is way better.

These numbers are obtained and activated through specialized platforms on the web, which means that there is no need to go anywhere to operate them. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes. Secondly, they are affordable and don’t cost much. While one SIM card costs a few dollars, the price of one number for registration on online services varies from $0.10 to $1. So, when purchasing them in bulk, the difference becomes very significant.

Where to obtain an online phone number?

Just like we mentioned above, operating online numbers takes place on appropriate platforms. Previously there were not many of them. However, over time, this situation has changed. Currently, such numbers are offered by tens of different companies that can be easily found on the web. They function as both websites and apps. So, it is not a problem to use their solutions with any device as long as it is connected to the global internet network.

It’s necessary to be aware that those are not the same though. Every company has its own suppliers and a list of available countries where numbers are issued relatively. For example, such a rare feature as China SMS receive is provided only by a few services. In addition, sometimes providing platforms restrict the use of their numbers with specific services such as payment systems and others, while others support more websites and apps, including rare ones.

Creating multiple accounts

There is nothing difficult about using online phone numbers for registration purposes. They are used and work in the same way as regular phone numbers, so, it is less likely to face any difficulties during the process. You only need to decide what platform to use when utilizing this feature as it directly affects the quality and cost of purchased services.

One of the best platforms in the industry is represented by SMS-Man. This company has been in business for more than five years and has provided online numbers to millions of users. They give the opportunity to register with every popular website and app without exception. Follow these steps to learn how to register multiple accounts with their online phone numbers:

  1. Proceed to and create a profile.
  2. Use a suitable payment option from the recharge page to replenish your balance.
  3. Choose the country where the number should be issued on the main page.
  4. Find the service for which you are going to sign up on the next tab after the section with countries.
  5. Click on the “Buy SMS” button as many times as many accounts it is necessary to register since one number can be used to make only one profile.

Now everything that is left to do is to use purchased online phone numbers for registration on the chosen platform. Just paste them into the appropriate field one by one and create accounts with received verification codes.