Cameo Now Lets You Hop On A Facetime With Your Favorite Celeb


What is Cameo?

Cameo is an innovative platform that allows you to connect with your favorite celebrities through personalized video messages and now, even face-to-face video calls. It has transformed the way fans interact with their idols, providing an unparalleled level of access to the stars.

On Cameo, you have the opportunity to engage with a wide range of notable personalities, including actors, athletes, musicians, reality TV stars, influencers, and more. Whether you are a die-hard fan or looking for a unique gift for someone special, Cameo offers a memorable and personalized experience.

With an extensive roster of celebrities available, Cameo offers a diverse selection of talent to choose from. From Hollywood A-listers to social media sensations, you’ll find a variety of options to suit your preferences. Gone are the days of waiting in long lines for autographs or chance encounters at events – now you can have a one-on-one conversation with your favorite star from the comfort of your own home.

Not only does Cameo give you the chance to connect with celebrities on a personal level, but it also allows you to support them directly. The platform offers a unique way for celebrities to monetize their fan base and engage with their audience in a meaningful way. By booking a video call or personalized message, you not only get a memorable experience but also contribute to the success of your favorite stars.

Cameo has revolutionized the concept of celebrity-fan interactions, making it more accessible, personalized, and convenient than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a birthday surprise, a pep talk, or just a chance to chat with your idol, Cameo provides an unparalleled opportunity to create lifelong memories.

How does Cameo work?

Using Cameo is a straightforward and user-friendly process that allows you to easily connect with your favorite celebrities. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account: To get started on Cameo, you’ll need to create a user account. Simply sign up with your email address or connect using your existing social media accounts.
  2. Browse the celebrity roster: Once you have an account, you can start exploring the extensive list of celebrities available on Cameo. From actors and musicians to athletes and social media influencers, there’s no shortage of talent to choose from.
  3. Select a celebrity: When you find a celebrity that peaks your interest, click on their profile to learn more about them. You’ll find information about their background, interests, and any special requests or guidelines they may have for personalized messages or video calls.
  4. Book a video call or personalized message: Depending on the celebrity’s availability and pricing, you can choose to either book a video call or request a personalized message. Video calls are a great way to have a face-to-face conversation with your favorite star, while personalized messages are perfect for special occasions or as a unique gift.
  5. Provide details and payment: Once you select the type of interaction you want, you’ll have the opportunity to provide specific details or instructions for the celebrity. You’ll also need to enter your payment information to complete the booking process.
  6. Wait for confirmation: After submitting your request, you’ll need to wait for confirmation from the celebrity. This can take some time, as their availability may vary. Once your request is accepted, you’ll receive a notification and the scheduled time for the video call or when to expect the personalized message.
  7. Enjoy your interaction: When the scheduled time arrives, connect with the celebrity through the Cameo platform for your video call or receive your personalized message. Make the most of your interaction by preparing questions or requests in advance to ensure a memorable experience.

Cameo makes it easy for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities in a personalized and meaningful way. By following these simple steps, you can create memories that will last a lifetime and have an unforgettable experience with the stars you admire.

How much does it cost?

The cost of using Cameo varies depending on the celebrity you choose to book and the type of interaction you desire. Each celebrity sets their own pricing, which can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. The pricing is usually based on the celebrity’s popularity, demand, and the nature of the interaction.

For personalized video messages, the costs can range from as low as $10 to over $1,000, depending on the celebrity. The duration of the message and any specific requests you make may also affect the price. It’s important to keep in mind that prices can fluctuate and are subject to change based on the individual celebrity’s discretion.

If you are interested in booking a face-to-face video call with a celebrity, the pricing can be higher, as it offers a more interactive and intimate experience. The rates for video calls can vary significantly, but typically range from about $50 to several hundred dollars. As with personalized messages, the price is determined by the celebrity’s popularity and other factors.

It’s worth noting that Cameo offers various payment options, including major credit cards and PayPal, making it convenient for users worldwide. Additionally, some celebrities may offer discounts or promotions for certain occasions or events, so keep an eye out for any special offers that may be available.

Before making a booking, it’s important to carefully review the pricing information on each celebrity’s profile to ensure it aligns with your budget. While some interactions may be more expensive, consider the value and uniqueness of the experience you’ll receive by connecting with your favorite star directly. Whether it’s a personalized message or a video call, the cost of using Cameo allows fans to establish a direct connection with celebrities that was once only accessible to a select few.

What celebrities are on Cameo?

Cameo boasts an impressive roster of celebrities from various industries, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Here are some of the types of celebrities you can find on the platform:

Actors and Actresses:

From Hollywood stars to up-and-coming actors, Cameo offers a wide array of talented individuals who have graced the silver screen. You can find stars from popular TV shows, movie franchises, and even theater productions.


Many sports icons have joined Cameo, providing a unique opportunity for fans to connect with their favorite athletes. Whether it’s NBA, NFL, MLB stars, or Olympians, you can find athletes from various sports disciplines.


Cameo features a diverse range of musicians, including world-renowned singers, bands, and solo artists. From pop stars to rock legends, hip-hop artists to country crooners, there’s a musical talent to suit every taste.

Reality TV Stars:

Reality TV enthusiasts will be thrilled to find many familiar faces from popular reality shows on Cameo. Whether it’s stars from dating shows, competition series, or reality dramas, you can request personalized messages or video calls from your favorite personalities.

Influencers and Internet Personalities:

In the digital age, social media influencers and internet personalities have gained immense popularity. Cameo features a wide range of these online sensations, from YouTube stars to TikTok influencers, providing the opportunity to have a virtual interaction with your internet idols.


If you’re in need of a good laugh or want to brighten someone’s day with a personalized video message from a comedian, Cameo has you covered. You can find renowned stand-up comedians, comedy actors, and improv artists ready to deliver some humor straight to your screen.

These categories only scratch the surface of the diverse lineup of celebrities available on Cameo. The platform continuously adds new talents, ensuring a fresh and exciting experience for users. With such a wide selection, you’re sure to find someone you admire and want to connect with on a personal level through Cameo.

How to book a video call with your favorite celebrity on Cameo?

Booking a video call with your favorite celebrity on Cameo is an exciting and straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Browse the celebrities: Start by exploring the extensive roster of celebrities available on Cameo. You can use the search bar or navigate through different categories to find the celebrities you are interested in.
  2. Select a celebrity: Once you find the celebrity you want to have a video call with, click on their profile to learn more about them. Read their bio, check out their sample videos, and assess their availability for video calls.
  3. Check pricing and availability: On the celebrity’s profile, you will find their pricing details and any specific instructions or limitations for video calls. Make sure to review the pricing to ensure it aligns with your budget and confirm that the celebrity is currently available for video calls.
  4. Request a video call: If the celebrity is available, you can proceed to request a video call. Click on the “Request Video Call” button, and you will be prompted to provide details about the video call, such as the purpose, date, and time preference.
  5. Add any special instructions: To make the video call more personal and tailored to your preferences, you can add any specific instructions or requests for the celebrity. This can be a specific topic you want to discuss, a personalized message you want them to convey, or any other relevant details.
  6. Complete the payment: Once you have filled in the required information, you will be directed to the payment page. Fill in your payment details, review the booking summary, and confirm the transaction.
  7. Wait for confirmation: After submitting your request, you will need to wait for the celebrity to accept the video call. The time it takes to receive confirmation may vary depending on the celebrity’s availability and response time.
  8. Connect for the video call: Once your request is accepted, you will receive a notification with the scheduled time for the video call. At the designated time, log into your Cameo account and join the video call through the platform.
  9. Enjoy your conversation: During the video call, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with the celebrity. Make the most of your time by preparing questions or topics you want to discuss. Remember to be respectful and enjoy the experience of connecting with your favorite star.

Booking a video call with your favorite celebrity on Cameo provides an incredible opportunity to have a personal and interactive conversation. By following these steps, you can have a memorable experience and create lifelong memories with the celebrities you admire.

Tips for a successful video call with a celebrity on Cameo

Having a video call with your favorite celebrity on Cameo is an exciting and unique experience. To make the most of your interaction and ensure a memorable conversation, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Prepare in advance:

Take some time to think about what you want to discuss or ask during the video call. Prepare a list of questions or topics you’d like to cover to make the most of your limited time with the celebrity. This way, you can ensure a smooth and engaging conversation.

2. Be respectful:

Remember to approach the conversation with respect and admiration for the celebrity. Treat them as you would any other person and avoid overly intrusive or personal questions. Keeping the conversation positive and respectful will create a pleasant atmosphere for both parties.

3. Engage in active listening:

During the video call, actively listen to what the celebrity is saying and respond appropriately. Engaging in active listening will show your genuine interest and make the conversation more enjoyable for both of you. Avoid interrupting and allow the celebrity to speak without constant interruption.

4. Stay relaxed and be yourself:

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous or star-struck during a video call with a celebrity. However, try to stay relaxed and be yourself. Remember that they are just people too, and they appreciate authenticity. Relax, enjoy the conversation, and let your enthusiasm shine through.

5. Show appreciation and gratitude:

Take a moment during the video call to express your gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to connect with the celebrity. Let them know how much you admire their work and how thrilled you are to have this unique experience. Genuine appreciation can go a long way and leave a positive impression.

6. Take screenshots or record with permission:

If allowed by the celebrity and the platform’s guidelines, request permission to take screenshots or record parts of the video call as a keepsake. This will allow you to capture the special moment and create lasting memories. Always respect the celebrity’s boundaries and follow any guidelines they have provided.

7. Follow any post-call instructions:

After the video call, be sure to follow any instructions or guidelines provided by the celebrity. This can include sharing your experience on social media, tagging them in posts, or other requested actions. It’s a great way to show your support and gratitude beyond the call itself.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can have a successful and enjoyable video call with your favorite celebrity on Cameo. Cherish the opportunity, make the most of your time, and create a memorable experience that you will treasure for years to come.

What can you do during a video call with a celebrity on Cameo?

A video call with a celebrity on Cameo opens up a world of possibilities for a unique and personalized experience. Here’s a glimpse into what you can do during a video call with your favorite star:

1. Have a conversation:

The primary purpose of a video call is to engage in a conversation with the celebrity. You can talk about various topics, such as their career, recent projects, personal interests, or even seek their advice or opinions on specific matters. Make the most of this opportunity to have a genuine interaction with someone you admire.

2. Ask questions:

Prepare a list of questions you’ve always wanted to ask the celebrity. This could include insights into their work, behind-the-scenes stories, or anything else you’re curious about. It’s your chance to gain exclusive access and get an inside look into their life and experiences.

3. Get personalized messages or greetings:

Use the video call to get personalized messages or greetings for special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a word of encouragement, the celebrity can address you or someone you love directly during the call. It’s a unique and memorable way to make moments extra special.

4. Share stories or experiences:

You can share your own stories or experiences with the celebrity. Whether it’s a memorable encounter at a concert, how their work has impacted you, or a heartwarming fan moment, sharing these experiences can create a deeper connection and leave a lasting impression on both you and the celebrity.

5. Receive advice or inspiration:

Video calls can provide an opportunity to seek advice or words of inspiration from your favorite celebrity. Whether it’s related to their craft or personal growth, they can offer valuable insights and guidance that can motivate and inspire you.

6. Show appreciation:

Take the time to express your genuine admiration and gratitude for the celebrity’s work. Let them know how much they’ve influenced you and how appreciative you are of their talent and impact. Your words of appreciation can mean a lot to them and further deepen the connection.

7. Take memorable screenshots or record with permission:

If allowed by the celebrity and Cameo’s guidelines, you can take screenshots or record parts of the video call, capturing the special moments and preserving them as cherished memories. Always respect the celebrity’s boundaries and follow any guidelines they have provided.

Remember, the possibilities during a video call with a celebrity on Cameo are endless. It’s a chance to have an intimate and personalized experience, so make the most of it by engaging in meaningful conversations, asking thought-provoking questions, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

How long does a video call on Cameo last?

The duration of a video call on Cameo can vary depending on a few factors, including the celebrity’s availability, their booking preferences, and the pricing structure. While specific durations may differ from celebrity to celebrity, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

1. Standard duration:

Typically, video calls on Cameo last anywhere from a few minutes to around 10 minutes. This allows for a meaningful conversation without exceeding the allotted time. The specific duration may be pre-determined by the celebrity, listed in their profile, or discussed during the booking process.

2. Pricing and duration correlation:

Sometimes, the duration of the video call may be directly proportional to the pricing. Celebrities may offer different packages, with longer video call durations available at higher price points. It’s important to review the pricing details on the celebrity’s profile or consult with them directly to understand the options available.

3. Flexibility:

While there are general guidelines, some celebrities may offer flexibility in the duration of video calls. They may be willing to extend the call time on a case-by-case basis or adjust the duration based on your specific needs or requests. However, it’s important to note that this flexibility may depend on the individual celebrity’s availability and their schedule.

4. Respect for time:

During the video call, it’s essential to respect the agreed-upon duration and be mindful of time constraints. Ensure that you come prepared with your questions or topics of conversation to make the most of the allotted time. Being organized will help you have a meaningful and memorable interaction within the available duration.

5. Follow any guidelines from the celebrity:

Some celebrities may provide specific guidelines or expectations regarding the duration of video calls, to ensure fairness and consistency for all fans. It is important to follow these guidelines and respect any instructions provided by the celebrity to maintain a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Ultimately, the duration of a video call on Cameo will depend on various factors, but the platform strives to offer a reasonable and meaningful experience for both you and the celebrity. Whether it’s a few minutes of conversation or a slightly longer call, make the most of the time you have and enjoy the opportunity to connect directly with your favorite star.

Can you record the video call with a celebrity on Cameo?

Recording a video call with a celebrity on Cameo is subject to the platform’s guidelines and the specific preferences of the celebrity. Here’s what you need to know:

Guidelines and permissions:

Cameo has specific guidelines regarding recording video calls. While these guidelines may vary, it is generally recommended to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of the celebrity. Recording or distributing the video call without explicit permission may be a violation of these guidelines.

Celebrity preferences:

Each celebrity on Cameo has their own preferences and rules regarding video call recordings. Some celebrities may permit recordings for personal use or at an additional fee, while others may prohibit it entirely. It’s important to carefully read the celebrity’s profile or contact their team to understand their stance on video call recordings.

Permission and consent:

If the celebrity allows recording, it is crucial to obtain their consent before doing so. This can be done by clearly discussing the recording request during the booking process or during the video call itself. Always respect the celebrity’s boundaries and preferences and seek permission before capturing any part of the call.

Privacy considerations:

When recording a video call, it’s important to consider privacy concerns. If other individuals are present during the call, their consent should be obtained as well. Sharing or distributing the recording without the permission of all parties involved is a breach of privacy and may have legal ramifications.

Platform policy:

It’s crucial to adhere to Cameo’s platform policy regarding video call recordings. Violating these policies can result in account suspension or other actions taken by the platform. Familiarize yourself with the guidelines and rules provided by Cameo before proceeding with any video call recording intentions.

It is important to note that while some celebrities may allow video call recordings, others may have strict policies against it to protect their brand and privacy. It’s always best to clarify the rules and expectations with the celebrity or their team before recording any portion of the video call.

Respecting the guidelines, permissions, and privacy considerations not only ensures a positive and respectful experience but also helps maintain the integrity and reputation of both Cameo and the celebrities on the platform.

What are some creative ways to use Cameo video calls?

Cameo video calls offer a wide range of possibilities for creating unique and memorable experiences with your favorite celebrities. Here are some creative ways you can use Cameo video calls:

1. Special Occasions:

Cameo video calls are perfect for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. Imagine surprising a loved one with a personalized video call from their favorite celebrity, creating a unique and unforgettable gift that they’ll cherish for years to come.

2. Virtual Events:

If you’re hosting a virtual event or gathering, consider inviting a celebrity to make a cameo appearance via video call. Whether it’s a corporate event, charity fundraiser, or a virtual party, the presence of a beloved star can add excitement and make the event truly memorable.

3. Bridging the Distance:

If you’re unable to attend a special event in person, a Cameo video call can help bridge the distance. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or family reunion, having a celebrity appear via video call can bring joy and create an unforgettable atmosphere for everyone involved.

4. Fan Club Meet-ups:

Organize a virtual meet-up for members of a fan club or community and invite a celebrity to join via video call. This allows fans to connect and interact with each other in the presence of their idol, fostering a sense of belonging and community among like-minded individuals.

5. Talent Mentoring:

If you’re an aspiring artist or performer, having a one-on-one video call with a celebrity in your field can provide valuable insights and guidance. Use the video call to seek advice, showcase your work, or receive constructive feedback, empowering you on your path to success.

6. Virtual Classroom Visits:

Teachers can bring a touch of celebrity to their virtual classrooms by arranging video calls with celebrities relevant to the subject being studied. This can engage students and provide a unique learning experience, fostering excitement and interest in the lesson.

7. Surprise Encounters:

Plan a surprise encounter with a celebrity during an online meeting or conference. Whether it’s a work-related event or a social gathering, the appearance of a celebrity via video call can create a memorable and unexpected experience for everyone involved.

These are just a few examples of the creative ways you can use Cameo video calls. The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your imagination. Whether it’s for a celebration, connection, learning, or simply bringing a smile to someone’s face, Cameo video calls provide an extraordinary means to create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Is Cameo available worldwide?

Yes, Cameo is available worldwide, allowing people from different countries and regions to connect with their favorite celebrities. The platform has expanded its reach beyond its initial launch in the United States and now serves customers around the globe.

Since its inception, Cameo has gained popularity and attracted interest from fans worldwide. A wide range of celebrities from various countries are now part of the Cameo roster, making it a truly international platform. Whether you’re in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia, or any other part of the world, you can access Cameo and enjoy its services.

While Cameo extends its availability worldwide, it’s important to note that some celebrities may have specific restrictions or limitations for certain regions. This could be due to scheduling conflicts, timezone differences, or other factors. However, Cameo strives to provide a global platform that connects fans with their favorite stars regardless of their location.

When booking a video call or personalized message, it is essential to check the availability of the celebrity in your region and review any additional information they have provided. This ensures that you can access the desired services and have an optimal experience.

Cameo has embraced its global audience and continues to expand its presence across countries and cultures. It offers an exciting opportunity for fans worldwide to establish a personal connection with their favorite celebrities, no matter where they are located.

Keep in mind that while Cameo is available worldwide, prices may vary depending on the region and currency exchange rates. It’s recommended to review the pricing details on the platform to understand the costs applicable to your specific location.

Whether you’re in the United States, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, Cameo provides a global platform to connect fans and celebrities, making it accessible to people worldwide and enabling incredible connections and experiences.

What are some alternatives to Cameo for video calls with celebrities?

While Cameo is a popular platform for video calls with celebrities, there are other alternatives available that provide similar services and opportunities for fans to connect with their favorite stars. Here are a few alternatives worth exploring:

1. Fanmio:

Fanmio is a platform that offers personalized video messages and live video calls with celebrities. It provides a range of experiences and packages, including one-on-one video calls, virtual meet and greets, and exclusive fan experiences. Fanmio features a diverse roster of celebrities across different fields.

2. Memmo:

Memmo is another platform that connects fans with celebrities through personalized video messages and greetings. It allows fans to request video content from celebrities, including birthday messages, shoutouts, and motivational pep talks. Memmo features a wide range of celebrities from various industries.

3. Starsona:

Starsona is a platform that enables fans to connect with celebrities through video calls and personalized video messages. It offers a wide selection of celebrities, including actors, musicians, influencers, and sports figures. Starsona focuses on creating personalized experiences and moments for users.

4. CelebVM:

CelebVM is a platform that provides personalized video messages and shoutouts from celebrities. Users can request customized videos for themselves or as gifts for others. CelebVM features a variety of celebrities, including actors, musicians, reality TV stars, and athletes.

5. HelloShow:

HelloShow is a platform that offers virtual experiences and video calls with celebrities. It allows fans to interact with their favorite stars through one-on-one video chats, live Q&A sessions, and virtual events. HelloShow features a diverse lineup of celebrities from different industries.

These are just a few alternatives to Cameo for video calls with celebrities. Each platform has its unique features, celebrity lineup, and pricing structure. It’s important to explore the options, review the available celebrities, and consider factors such as pricing and availability to find the best fit for your specific interests and budget.

Whether you choose Cameo or one of the alternative platforms, these services offer opportunities to connect with your favorite celebrities, have memorable experiences, and bring joy to yourself or someone you care about.