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Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Every Type of Tech Lover

Taking a photo of the best Christmas gift

Already looking for the best Christmas gift ideas to place under the tree this Christmas? When it comes to tech gifts for your gadget geek loved-ones, there’s a plethora of options. From the best gaming console to cool gadgets that make life easier, there are plenty of tech gift ideas to choose from!

If you’re not sure yet what to get that tech-savvy person in your life, don’t you fret. We’ve put together a list of Christmas gift ideas for everyone!

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3 security camera as a Christmas gift idea
Image: Arlo

For the security-conscious someone in your life, the Arlo Pro 3 is the best gift for them. Whether you own or rent a place, you would want the best home surveillance system that meets the needs of your family and home.

The Arlo Pro 3 is a reliable and powerful security camera that’s as easy to install as it is to use. With its fantastic video quality and robust features, this wireless security camera is one of the greatest Christmas gift ideas for dad. After all, what better way to ensure the safety of his family than with a quality security camera?

Moreover, this wireless security camera boasts a four megapixel sensor and can capture video at 2K resolution. This enhanced resolution enables the 12X digital zoom feature to capture clearer and more crisp details around your household. With its two-way camera and two-way audio system, it makes checking on the person outside your door easier and safer.

The Arlo Pro 3 works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, thus making it easier to integrate with your home assistant system.

Orbit Plus Turntable

Orbit Plus Turntable, the perfect christmas gift idea for music lovers
Image: U Turn Audio

Is your significant other an audiophile or maybe into retro classics? If so, you should consider the Orbit Plus Turntable as a perfect Christmas gift idea.

Novice or veteran music lovers will enjoy this vinyl player from U Turn. One can easily rediscover the charm of analogue sound with the Orbit Plus Turntable. This manual turntable boasts accurate tracking with low distortion. It also features an Ortofon OM5E cartridge which is perfect for all vinyl records of any genre. Compared to previous models, the acrylic platter provides better speed stability. It also features clearer, more detailed playback without unwanted resonances.

The Orbit Plus Turntable is also ridiculously easy to set-up. A simple three-step process and you’re good to go! Simply install the platter, string the belt around it, and finally remove the stylus guard. The Orbit Plus is also a visual pleaser that comes in a variety of different colors.

Without a doubt, the Orbit Plus is worthy of your precious vinyl collection. Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first turntable or an authority on LP players, this is one of the best turntable out in the market.

Apple Watch Series 6

The latest Apple watch is a perfect Christmas gift idea for loved-ones
Image: Apple

Any iPhone user will love to have Apple’s latest smartwatch. At first glance, the Apple Watch Series 6 features an identical design to the Apple Watch Series 5. Yet, it certainly offers definite upgrades that set itself apart from its predecessor. It’s a practical gift for iPhone owners that works seamlessly and offers better integration. Users can easily sync it with their iPhones, which makes checking notifications easier.

The Apple Watch Series 6 offers a brighter always-on display screen. This is useful for users who find themselves typically outdoors or at nighttime. The latest Apple smartwatch can measure a user’s blood oxygen and track heart rates. Thus, this makes it one of the best Christmas gift ideas for friends who are health-buffs. Other fitness features include steps monitoring and a sleep tracker.

There are no new design changes to the smartwatch’s case. However, the three new bands offer a tailored fit without the conventional buckles.

Similar to the Apple Watch SE, the Series 6 runs on a watch OS 7 that brings personalization to the next level. The watch OS 7 includes seven new watch face options. Choose from Typograph, Stripes, GMT, Count Up, Chronograph Pro, Artist, and Memoji to curate your Apple Watch aesthetic. 

Moon UltraLight

The Moon Ultralight is the perfect Christmas gift ideas for teens
Image: Moon

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for teens? Why not the Moon Ultralight? It’s a compact, ultra-portable, and universal smartphone lighting accessory. We live in an era wherein documenting our daily lives is the norm. So, lighting devices are a must in order to take our selfie game to the next level.

Designed with intuitive touch controls, the Moon Ultralight allows users to adjust the brightness and tone effortlessly. Whether you’re in the daylight or a darkly lit room, you can easily adjust the brightness level to your preference. The variable tone and hue settings allow you to adjust from a cool 5000 kelvin to a warm 2700 kelvin. This ensures its users that any photo or video taken will have the most flattering lighting.

The small design of this smartphone accessory allows it to fit any device. From phones, tablets and laptops, it guarantees you good lighting whether you’re taking a selfie or on video calls.

Oblio Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitizer

Sanitize your phone while charging with the Oblio Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitizer
Image: Lexon

Wireless charging has seen a boom in recent years. More and more flagship phones are now supporting Qi wireless charging. That said, it definitely looks like Lexon wants to stand out from its competitors.

The Oblio Wireless Charging Station with UV Sanitizer is a definite conversation starter.

First of all, it looks like a vase that can be displayed in any part of the household. Second, it has the ability to sterilize your smartphone.

We can see the appeal, especially towards those more germ-conscious individuals. After all, according to a study by the University of Arizona, smartphones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilets. An alarming fact seeing as how often we use our phones daily.

Thus, incorporating a UV sanitizer in the Oblio is an innovative step from Lexon. This wireless charger and phone sterilizer hybrid can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in as fast as 20 minutes. It does this with an advanced antibacterial UV light with ionizer technology. Lexon also claims that the Oblio wireless charger can kill viruses, including H1N1.

Furthermore, the Oblio supports 10W wireless charging via the Qi-standard. This means you can fully charge your cellphone in three hours.

Overall, Lexon’s innovative wireless charger is an ideal phone accessory that’s perfect for those looking for the perfect Christmas gift ideas.

Selphy Square QX10

Perfect Christmas gift ideas for the wife who loves capturing memories
Image: Canon

Do you often travel with your wife or girlfriend? Made some wonderful memories along the way? Well, for this holiday season, why not gift her with the Canon Selphy Square QX10? Why keep travel photos on your digital cameras or smartphones when you can easily print them out?

The Canon Selphy Square QX10 is a mobile printer that uses dye-sublimation thermal print technology to print high-quality and long-lasting images. Additionally, users can print photos directly from their smartphones. Simply download the corresponding app and follow the instructions to pair your smartphone with the Selphy Square QX10.

This Canon mobile printer fits perfectly into a handbag or backpack when you’re on-the-go. Besides its sleek and pocket friendly design, it also comes in a set of trendy colors that suits anyone’s style.

Designed to be dirt-proof and water-resistant, this portable printer is one of the ideal Christmas gift ideas for her wherever she goes. Printing out captured memories with that special someone has never been easier with this pocket printer.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs sunrise alarm clock
Image: hOmeLabs

Looking for the best sunrise alarm clock to wake up your young ones? This one from Homelabs may just be a perfect match.

This sunrise alarm clock simulates the sunrise by the use of a warm LED light. The light gradually increases in brightness 30 minutes before a person’s alarm sets off. Thus, this wakes them up as gently as possible. You can also choose from nature-inspired sounds to wake up in the morning. The sounds of birds and ocean waves can easily ease children into their morning routines. For adult users, you can also opt for tunes from your favorite FM radio station as your morning alarm.

This sunrise clock can also double as a table or bedside lamp during non-sleeping hours. Featuring eight vibrant colors and three different brightness settings, it can match with any room décor and mood.

Moreover, this clock features a sleep timer with a sunset simulation and provides a gentle dim light at night. It works perfectly as a nightlight for children who aren’t ready yet for the still darkness of the night.

Overall, this sunrise alarm clock is one of the brilliant Christmas gift ideas for kids. By offering a more pleasant way of waking up and colorful bedtime, kids will definitely love it.

Sony WH-1000XM3

best Christmas gift ideas for music lovers
Image: Sony

Looking for the best noise cancelling headphones to give your boyfriend or husband? You certainly can’t go wrong with the Sony WH-1000XM3. This Sony headset is said to offer the best Active Noise Cancellation in the industry. Once you put them on, it effectively removes the majority of your surrounding noises. Thus, this makes it perfect for travelling when you’d rather not hear the bustle of train or bus engines. And when you turn on music, you simply can’t hear the outside world at all.

Does your significant other love to listen to music during his commute? Then this is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for him. This Sony headset offers a smooth and midrange-heavy sound signature. Bass is clearly present and heavily defined, while trebles have no harshness to them.

If your partner tends to use headphones for an extended period of time, comfort won’t be an issue with the WH1000XM3. These headphones are extremely comfortable to wear and are very well padded. Your significant other won’t need to worry about discomfort on the headband whatsoever. For some users, they may find that the pads have a tendency to get a little hot. However, this is not enough for them to stop using it in the long haul.

Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

The best true wireless earbuds is a brilliant Christmas gift idea
Image: Master & Dynamic

For more stylish users, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus are true wireless earbuds that offer premium quality but don’t compromise on style. Not only is it eye-catching with its acetate body and stainless steel case, these wireless earbuds are also durable.

For music lovers that like to listen to more upbeat and energized songs, the MW07 Plus is the one for you. It offers dynamic sound performance with strong bass depth and spotless midrange that help you feel the music. It also features an excellent battery life that can last up to ten hours on a single charge.

This makes for the brilliant Christmas gift ideas for coworkers who are style-conscious. The MW07 Plus offers a sleek and stylish design but still offers practicality and top-notch performance.

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite as one of the best Christmas gift ideas for kids
Image: Nintendo

Have a little gamer in your midst? Thinking of a handheld gaming console as one of your Christmas gift ideas for them? Well, why not buy the Nintendo Switch Lite? Handheld gaming doesn’t get any easier or more user-friendly with this Nintendo console!

Smaller and lighter than the Nintendo Switch console, the Switch Lite’s lightweight design and compact 5.5-inch display makes it one of the best handheld gaming systems. It features an ergonomic design that’s great to hold whether you’re in an intense or casual gaming session. You can choose from bright and vibrant eye-catching colors: turquoise, pink, gray and yellow.

Its compact size and portability makes it a convenient alternative to the regular Nintendo Switch. Plus, the Switch Lite can play Nintendo Switch games just as well as its predecessor. With its impressive battery life, kids can play all the best Switch games for up to seven hours.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker

 Smart coffee maker is a good Christmas gift idea for your coffee loving loved one.
Image: Hamilton Beach

Is the missus a coffee lover? Ever wanted to help her lessen her packed morning routine, even just by making her a cup of coffee? What if you also wish to just go straight into your kitchen and already have a steaming cup of joe prepared? If so, then the Hamilton Beach Smart coffee maker is one of the perfect Christmas gift ideas for wife and yourself.

With its built-in voice control features, this Hamilton Beach coffee maker can lessen the hassle of preparing your coffee. You can simply use the Alexa app from your smartphone or use any Amazon Echo smart speaker devices. Thanks to this smart coffee maker, you can start brewing coffee remotely, even if you’re still in bed!

Additionally, it also has the ability to change brew strength from regular or bold. Turning off the coffee maker is also as easily done with a voice command. Moreover, the Routines feature in the Alexa app, allows you to program it to start brewing your coffee the moment you wake up. Isn’t that convenient?

This smart coffee maker has a 12-cup capacity and comes with a number of useful time-saving features. From cleaning cycle reminders to automatic pause and serve — this coffee maker definitely takes the hassle out of making coffee.

Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap as a brilliant Christmas gift idea for women.
Image: Dyson

In search for a present for the women in your life? Been scouring everywhere to look for perfect Christmas gift ideas for mom? Why not get her a gadget that can style and protect her crowning glory?

The Dyson Airwrap is a hair-styling gadget that can dry and style someone’s hair simultaneously. It may seem like it’s on the premium side of the spectrum price wise. However, it takes the place of three other hair styling tools —a blow dryer, curling iron, and flat iron.

The Airwrap is one of the best Christmas gift ideas for women who are looking to recreate salon styles with less heat. This styler utilizes the Coanda effect — an aerodynamic phenomenon that curves air around the barrel to style the hair. This results in natural waves, and a smooth finish without hair damage caused by extreme heat.

Moreover, it comes with several styling attachments that give you voluminous curls, natural waves, and less frizzy hair.

Peak Design Everyday Zip Backpack

The Everyday Backpack Zip for those who travel with their gadgets
Image: Peak Design

Have a man in your life that takes his gadgets everywhere? The Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip offers plenty of storage space to bring your camera or best gaming laptop. With its top and dual side zippers, accessing your equipment just got easier. Thus, it’s a great backpack for photographers and travelers alike.

This Peak Design backpack is one of the most ideal Christmas gift ideas for men who carry multiple gadgets at a time. Whether it be for daily use, remote working, or even on a holiday, this backpack is a practical choice.

It’s a stylish bag, but also well-designed with a zipper that wraps 270 degrees around it. This thus ensures all your important equipment and gadgets remain secure.

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack Zip comes in two sizes to fit your man’s tech. From cameras to tablets, laptops to power banks, and everything else in between — this bag can carry it all. Moreover, it is padded with a vented, quick-drying mesh material, thus ensuring breathable comfort no matter how long you wear it.

PlayStation Plus Membership

PlayStation Plus membership cards make for great Christmas gift ideas for gamers.
Image: PlayStation

Onto more gaming related Christmas gift ideas for this season, why not give a PlayStation fan something they’ll surely love? And no, we’re not talking about the new PS5 just yet.

Any PlayStation gamer will appreciate a PlayStation Plus membership card. After all, what gamer wouldn’t want two free of the best PS4 games monthly, access to exclusive downloadable content, online multiplayer, and up to 100GB of online storage? Additionally, with a PlayStation Plus membership, you can also get PlayStation Store discounts on selected content such as themes and avatars.

You can choose from three different subscription durations: one-month, three-months or 12-months. If your gaming enthusiast is already a subscriber, don’t fret — you can stack memberships! You can easily add more months to their current membership plan.

 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox Game Passes make for great Christmas gift ideas for gamers
Image: Microsoft

If your friend or family member is more of a Xbox or PC gamer, don’t worry. With the Xbox Game Pass, you can access over 100 games to either the Xbox console or Windows 10.

Dubbed as a ‘Netflix for games,’ this gaming subscription service gives you access to all Xbox Game Studio titles. It also offers third-party games on their respective release days.

The Xbox Game Pass has multiple tiers, yet, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has features that are certainly worth every penny. With the Ultimate tier, you can access games on both Xbox and Windows. Moreover, you can even access games on Android phones and tablets via the Cloud.

On top of that, this pass also gives you access to a library of top Electronic Arts game titles. It also has exclusive rewards, member-only content, and other exclusive perks.

Still on the fence about getting a gamer a present this Holiday season? Then the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is your quick fix. It undoubtedly offers one of the best Xbox deals.


PlayStation 5

Sony’s PlayStation as an ideal Christmas gift idea for gamers
Image: PlayStation

Want to experience a new level of immersive gaming? Know someone that does? Well with this next-gen gaming console from Sony, you can!

The PS5 offers near instant load times with its ultra-fast solid-state drive and enhanced visual graphics with its 120Hz output on 4K displays. Additionally, with its DualSense wireless controller, you can further immerse yourself into the game with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This means you can feel in-game force and tensions during battles in your hands.

The PlayStation 5 is hands-down the most sought after gaming console this holiday season. So much so that it’s nearly impossible to get a hold of right now.

However, if you can get your hands on the latest of Sony’s PlayStations, then it will surely make the gamer in your life ecstatic! Or maybe just gift it to yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is the most powerful gaming console, making it a perfect Christmas gift idea for the most intense gamers
Image: Xbox

The Xbox Series X is another powerful and sought after gaming console right now. The Series X from Microsoft is, indisputably, the fastest and most powerful console that they have ever released. With its true 4k gaming resolution, up to 120 frames per second, and high-speed processor, what gamer wouldn’t want it?

Unfortunately, this next-gen gaming console is just as difficult to find like the PlayStation 5. However, it’s a no-brainer that any gaming enthusiast who will receive it for Christmas will surely be over the moon.

Days for Giving 

No longer stumped on what to get your tech-savvy partner and friends? Great! What cool gadgets would you love to receive this Christmas?

There’s a wide range of options to choose from when picking the perfect gift. Tech gadgets can go from gizmos that are cool and fun to innovations that make our day to day lives easier. However, let’s not forget the true essence of this holiday season — spending time with our loved ones.

The best things in life aren’t things, after all. Receiving the best tech gifts is just an added bonus.