Wyclef Jean Teases Upcoming Fugees Album And Embraces ‘Hip Hop Beatles’ Title


Wyclef Jean, one-third of the iconic group The Fugees, believes that their impact on the music industry has solidified their place in history, despite the lack of albums they have released. The group, consisting of Wyclef, Lauryn Hill, and Pras, has been honing their craft since their high school days in New Jersey in the 80s. Their journey eventually led them to release the monumental album “The Score” in 1996, which went on to achieve an impressive 22x Platinum status.

Key Takeaway

Wyclef Jean hints at the long-awaited release of a new Fugees album. The group’s legacy and fan support have encouraged them to deliver new music to their devoted audience.

During the peak of their success, Wyclef received a compliment he didn’t fully grasp at the time. Bono, the frontman of U2, referred to The Fugees as the “Hip Hop’s Beatles.” While Wyclef didn’t fully comprehend the significance of this comparison back then, the years of sold-out shows and fans eagerly waiting for them at airports validated the honor.

Recently, there have been hints that The Fugees are finally gearing up for a new release after all these years. Pras, however, remained coy about this possibility when asked about it in a previous interview. It’s clear that something significant is on the horizon for the group.

In the present day, The Fugees continue to attract throngs of fans. However, there have been some interesting developments. During her first L.A. show on her “Miseducation” 25th-anniversary tour, Lauryn Hill defended her tendency to be late, suggesting that fans should be grateful that she is performing at all.

Despite the slight controversy surrounding Ms. Hill’s lateness, fans were treated to a surprise during the second L.A. show. Lil Wayne took the stage and performed to The Fugees’ hit “Ready or Not” while incorporating his classic track “A Milli.” The excitement didn’t stop there, as Nas also made an appearance to congratulate Lauryn Hill on earning a Diamond plaque for her “Miseducation” album. The two artists then performed their duets “Nobody” and “If I Ruled The World (Imagine That).”

The enduring impact of The Fugees speaks volumes about their influence on the music industry. With all these recent developments, it seems like the perfect time for the group to add to their impressive track record with new music.