WWE Wrestler Matt Riddle’s Allegation Triggers Internal Investigation Into JFK Sexual Assault Claim


WWE star Matt Riddle finds himself at the center of controversy as he claims to have been sexually assaulted by a Port Authority police officer at JFK Airport in New York City. Although Riddle has since deleted his Instagram post where he made the allegations, an internal investigation has been initiated to scrutinize the incident.

Key Takeaway

WWE wrestler Matt Riddle’s sexual assault claim at JFK Airport has triggered an internal investigation by the Port Authority. While Riddle deleted his Instagram post, where he made the allegations against a police officer, the authorities are taking the accusation seriously. Despite no concrete evidence to support the claim, the incident will undergo scrutiny to determine the truth.

The Allegation

Riddle shocked his followers on Instagram on Sunday when he shared a photo of the officer in question and accused him of inappropriate behavior. While the wrestler did not provide many specifics, he stated that he had clearly expressed his objection to the officer’s actions but was disregarded, leading to the alleged assault. The post has since been removed.

The Background

According to law enforcement sources, the authorities received a call regarding a disruptive individual deplaning at JFK Airport. Upon arrival, they discovered that the person in question was none other than Matt Riddle. The officers engaged in a conversation with Riddle and witnesses at the scene, during which he appeared apologetic for his behavior. No police report was filed, and everyone involved was allowed to depart without further incident.

An Unexpected Development

Given the nature of the incident and the lack of evidence to support Riddle’s allegation, the Port Authority was taken aback by his claim. They insist that no circumstances arose that would justify such an accusation. However, they are nonetheless taking the accusation seriously, and an internal investigation has been initiated to uncover the truth.

Riddle’s Final Word

Riddle ended the conversation on a negative note, expressing his desire to never return to JFK Airport again. It remains to be seen how this investigation will unfold and what the outcome will ultimately be for both Riddle and the police officer involved.