Woah Vicky Shows Support For Lil Tay’s Comeback And Hints At Potential Collaboration


Woah Vicky has recently voiced her admiration for Lil Tay as the young internet sensation makes her long-awaited return to the spotlight. After a five-year absence, Lil Tay has resurfaced with a new song, and Vicky couldn’t be prouder.

Key Takeaway

Woah Vicky expresses her support for Lil Tay’s return to the spotlight and hopes for a collaboration to rekindle their previous friendship. Vicky admires Tay’s new track, “Sucker 4 Green,” and acknowledges her journey over the past few years. Their reconnection marks an exciting prospect for both their fans.

Tay’s latest track, “Sucker 4 Green,” has caught Vicky’s attention. She commends the choreography and the beat of the song, expressing her approval of the overall production. Vicky also makes sure to shout out Tay’s marketing team, which has always consisted of her family members.

Initially, Vicky admits to questioning whether Tay’s music video was the work of artificial intelligence due to her extended hiatus. However, she now confirms that it is indeed the real deal. And with this reconnection, Vicky hopes to join forces with Tay once again and create something that solidifies their relationship.

Vicky and Tay’s Past

Back in 2018, Vicky and Tay were close friends during the height of Tay’s online fame for her extravagant displays of wealth, something that aligned perfectly with Vicky’s own brand. The two spent a significant amount of time together and even found themselves side by side during an altercation with fellow viral star Danielle Bregoli, also known as Bhad Bhabie.

Lil Tay recently went live on Instagram, breaking her silence for the first time about a death hoax that had circulated regarding her. During the session, she openly criticized her father, accusing him of various misdeeds.