Westside Gunn Unveils Origin Of Virgil Abloh Album Cover Art


Rapper Westside Gunn, founder of Griselda Records, has recently shared the background story behind the album cover art for his upcoming project, “And Then You Pray For Me.” The artwork for this highly anticipated album was created by renowned artist Virgil Abloh, known for his work in the fashion and music industries.

Key Takeaway

Westside Gunn’s upcoming album, “And Then You Pray For Me,” features an exclusive artwork created by Virgil Abloh, adding both artistic value and collectibility to the project.

Gunn emphasizes the significance of attention to detail in setting his album apart from the competition. He believes that both artistically and musically, “And Then You Pray For Me” will be regarded as a classic. Gunn’s artistic vision, combined with Abloh’s painting, creates a synergy that enhances the album’s value as an art collectible.

Westside Gunn admits to closely observing the Hip Hop scene in what he describes as a “light year for Hip Hop.” Despite fierce competition, he confidently declares that his album will be the Album of the Year. Collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign, Conway, and Benny The Butcher strengthen his conviction. However, Gunn highlights that the album’s true essence lies in Virgil Abloh’s approval of its tailor-made presentation.

Gunn credits Abloh for inspiring him to obtain a passport and attend the 2020 Off-White show in Paris. This transformative experience allowed the artist to gather valuable content for his raps, making his music even more authentic and reflective of his personal journey. Gunn fondly recalls being in the presence of late artists Pop Smoke and Takeoff during this memorable event before their tragic deaths occurred.

Despite garnering attention through controversial reemergence, Westside Gunn makes it clear that he has no intention of engaging in any beef, particularly with young rapper Lil Tay. Recently, Griselda fans have accused Lil Tay of copying the style of Westside Gunn’s daughter, Westside Pootie. Gunn holds the view that his daughter has been an inspiration to others for years, influencing aspiring artists to create hand-drawn album covers, a trend she started with his 2020 album “Sunshine.”

Westside Gunn and Virgil Abloh have created an album cover artwork that is virtually impossible to replicate, showcasing their mutual artistic vision and attention to detail. With the release of “And Then You Pray For Me” on October 13, listeners can anticipate not only exceptional music but also a visual experience that transcends traditional album artwork.