A$AP Rocky Honored With The Virgil Abloh Award In Harlem


In a touching tribute to the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh, A$AP Rocky has been awarded the prestigious Virgil Abloh Award at the HFR 16th Annual Fashion Show & Style Awards. The event took place at the iconic Apollo Theater in Harlem, where Rocky delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech.

Key Takeaway

A$AP Rocky receives the Virgil Abloh Award at the HFR 16th Annual Fashion Show & Style Awards in a powerful homage to the late fashion designer. Rocky pays tribute to Abloh’s early recognition of his talent and credits him for pioneering his foray into the fashion world.

Rocky’s Respect for Virgil Abloh

During his speech, A$AP Rocky expressed his deep admiration for Virgil Abloh and acknowledged the impact the designer had on his own style. He recounted a time when he and his A$AP Mob crew were too young to gain entry into a club, yet Virgil still recognized their talent, validating their unique swag.

Rocky went on to highlight the pivotal role Virgil played in his career. After Rocky’s rapping career took off, he enlisted Virgil as the creative director for his debut album “LONG.LIVE.A$AP” in 2013. Virgil also played a major part in the behind-the-scenes work for Rocky’s subsequent tour.

According to Rocky, Virgil’s fearlessness in the fashion world served as an inspiration for his own trendsetting endeavors. As the night’s theme was “Remix!!!”, Rocky took the opportunity to deliver some poignant words of encouragement to the city of Harlem, emphasizing the influence of the late designer.

A Lasting Legacy

The Virgil Abloh Award serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Virgil Abloh, who tragically passed away in November 2021 after a private battle with cancer. His untimely death shook the worlds of rap music and celebrity, but his influence and legacy continue to resonate.

A$AP Rocky’s heartfelt acceptance speech underscored the profound impact that Virgil Abloh had on his career and personal style. The Virgil Abloh Award represents not just an accolade for Rocky but also a reminder of Abloh’s enduring influence on the world of fashion and hip-hop.