Witness Describes Sound Of F-35B Fighter Jet Crash In South Carolina


A South Carolina man had a hair-raising experience when he heard the deafening sound of a military fighter jet crashing near his home. Randolph White, a resident of rural Williamsburg County, was in his bathroom on Sunday afternoon, casually shaving when he was startled by a noise that he described as a combination of a screech and a whistle.

Key Takeaway

A witness in South Carolina describes the harrowing sound of an F-35B fighter jet crashing near his home. The pilot ejected safely, and no casualties were reported on the ground.

White’s description of the sound has gained attention online, with many finding it both amusing and intense. He even went so far as to recreate the noise for WBTW News13, showcasing his impressive ability to imitate the banshee-like squeal. The audio clip must be heard to truly grasp the intensity of the moment.

Following the peculiar sound, White heard a loud boom and immediately wondered what could have caused it. Little did he know that an F-35B stealth fighter jet, which had disappeared from military radar, had crashed near his rural home. The pilot had ejected safely during a training flight, leaving the unmanned aircraft to plunge to the ground.

At first, White did not report what he had heard since he had not witnessed the jet himself. However, after considering the possibility that it could have been a meteorite or a plane flying too low, he changed his mind and alerted the authorities.

Military police and recovery teams swiftly arrived at the scene, cordoning off the massive debris field left by the $100 million fighter jet. Despite the significant damage caused by the crash, fortunately, no one on the ground was harmed. Randolph White, in particular, emerged unscathed, thus becoming an unintentional national celebrity.