Wild Wedding Party Brawl Erupts As Cops Clash With Guests In Rhode Island


A night of celebration took a dark turn when a Rhode Island wedding party found themselves engaged in a violent altercation with police officers outside a Newport restaurant. The shocking incident, captured on video, shows a tense interaction escalating into an all-out brawl.

Key Takeaway

A wedding party in Rhode Island turned violent when a series of altercations with police officers broke out. The video footage portrays a chaotic scene, with punches being thrown, a woman kicking an officer in the groin, and a man assaulting an officer. The incident stemmed from a fit thrown by David Onik after being denied entry to a bar. The subsequent actions of Rachael Onik exacerbated the situation, leading to the brawl.

Alexandra Flaherty’s Kick to Officer’s Crotch

In the midst of the chaos, a woman in an orange dress, later identified as Alexandra Flaherty, was seen delivering a powerful kick to one of the officers in the groin. The video footage captures the moment as punches are thrown from both sides, connecting with brutal force.

Rachael Onik’s Knockout and Arrest

Another woman in the wedding party was knocked unconscious when an officer forcefully threw her to the ground. The police report states that the officer resorted to such action as the woman had allegedly reached for his firearm. Shortly after losing consciousness, she was identified as Rachael Onik and subsequently arrested.

David Onik’s Fit Leads to Chaos

According to authorities, the entire incident began when David Onik, Rachael’s husband, became enraged after being denied entry to a bar. His anger escalated to physical confrontation with the bar staff, prompting them to call the police for assistance.

Uncooperative Actions Trigger the Brawl

The situation took an even more dramatic turn when Rachael, attempting to involve herself in the altercation, turned uncooperative with the officers. As one of the officers made an attempt to move her back, she stumbled and tripped on the cobblestone street. It is at this point that the video footage begins and chaos erupts.

Robert Nash’s Assault on the Officer

The video also captures a man dressed in a suit and tie, later identified as Robert Nash, unleashing a ferocious punch to the officer’s face. The officer is immediately knocked to the ground, and Nash proceeds to relentlessly pummel him.

Once the dust settled, a total of three men and three women from the wedding party were arrested and now face criminal charges stemming from the violent encounter with law enforcement.