Wendy Williams’ DJ Boof Expresses Concerns Over Her Health


Longtime disc jockey for “The Wendy Williams Show,” DJ Boof, has expressed his concerns about the extent of Wendy Williams’ illness. He believes that her family members are the only ones who can help her during this difficult time.

Key Takeaway

Wendy Williams’ former DJ, Boof, has expressed concerns about the severity of her illness and believes that her family members are the best ones to help her during this challenging time.

Recognizing the Severity of Wendy’s Illness

DJ Boof revealed that the staff at the studio were not fully aware of the severity of Wendy’s illness. He mentioned that while they knew something was wrong, they did not realize the true extent of her sickness, including issues with alcohol abuse, and her eventual diagnosis with aphasia and dementia.

Documentary Shedding Light on Wendy’s Struggles

A new Lifetime documentary titled “Where is Wendy Williams?” has highlighted Wendy’s struggles with excessive drinking and her outbursts against people on the show. DJ Boof expressed that he had recognized Wendy’s need for help long before the documentary aired.

Concerns and Conflicts Regarding Wendy’s Care

There is a debate about who is best equipped to help Wendy during this challenging time. This has led to a heated conflict between her family, her inner circle, and the woman who is Wendy’s legal guardian.

Looking Ahead

DJ Boof has kept in touch with Wendy since her show was canceled in 2022. He believes that Wendy’s family, including her sister and her son in Florida, is the best support system for her moving forward.