Washington Commanders’ Jonathan Allen Expresses Frustration After Tough Loss


Washington Commanders’ defensive tackle Jonathan Allen let out his frustration in a post-game rant following yet another disappointing loss. After the Commanders fell 14-7 to the New York Giants, Allen expressed his displeasure with some choice words that might not be suitable for sensitive ears.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Allen’s post-game rant showcases the frustration and disappointment within the Washington Commanders’ team following another loss. His raw and explicit expressions highlight the team’s ongoing struggles and the urgency to improve their performance.

Commanders’ Star Unleashes His Anger

Minutes after the game ended, Allen did not hold back in front of reporters, venting his frustrations about his team’s performance. The two-time Pro Bowl player did not mince words when describing the defeat.

“They whooped our ass,” Allen said bluntly. “Plain and simple. We’ve got to be better.”

An Explicit Expression of Frustration

When asked about his frustrations, Allen did not shy away from expressing his true feelings. He passionately voiced his exhaustion with the team’s ongoing struggles and the lack of progress.

“F* yes it does,” Allen responded when questioned if it gets frustrating. “I’m f*ing tired of this s*. I’m f*ing tired of this bulls*. It’s been seven f*ing years of the same s*. I’m tired of this s*!”

Looking Ahead

After his impassioned outburst, Allen acknowledged the need for his team to regroup and refocus. He emphasized the importance of preparing for their upcoming NFC East rival, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite the explicit language, Allen’s raw emotion resonated with many fans who felt his frustration mirrored their own. One social media user even praised Allen for his evident dedication to winning, contrasting it with the perception of the team’s head coach.