Vikings’ Alexander Mattison Receives Racist Messages After ‘TNF’ Game


Alexander Mattison, the star running back for the Minnesota Vikings, recently revealed that he received over 60 disturbing messages after his game on Thursday night. The messages contained racial slurs and even death threats.

Key Takeaway

Alexander Mattison, the Minnesota Vikings’ star running back, received over 60 disturbing messages filled with racial slurs and death threats after a game. Mattison emphasized that such behavior is unacceptable and reminded everyone that athletes are human beings who deserve respect and understanding.

Disgusting Messages Flooded In

Mattison shared screenshots of two of the direct messages he received on Instagram, where he was called the N-word and told to die by suicide. The 25-year-old expressed his frustration and disappointment, stating that such behavior is unacceptable.

He reminded everyone that beneath his football helmet, he is a human being with feelings. He emphasized that he is not just a player but also a father and a son, making the hateful words even more hurtful.

Crossing the Line

Mattison clarified that he can handle criticism regarding his performance on the field, but the recent messages went beyond that. He shared his disbelief and disappointment, stating that this kind of behavior is simply not okay.

While Mattison received an outpouring of support from fans in the comments section of his social media post, it is alarming that he had to endure such hate in the first place.

The Impact of Words

Instances like these serve as a reminder that words have a profound impact, even if they are typed behind a screen. The racial slurs and death threats not only affect the player’s mental health but also perpetuate a culture of hate and intolerance.

It is essential for fans and individuals alike to remember that athletes are human beings who deserve respect and understanding. Criticism should be constructive and without resorting to hate speech or personal attacks.


As Mattison and the Vikings prepare for their next game against the Chargers on September 24, it’s crucial for fans and the NFL community as a whole to address and condemn this kind of behavior. Only through fostering a supportive and inclusive environment can we appreciate the game of football while also respecting the humanity of those who play it.