Veterinarian Prescribing Paxlovid To Save Dogs From Mysterious Illness


In a groundbreaking move, a veterinarian in Iowa has found success in using the antiviral medication Paxlovid, originally intended for COVID-19 treatment in humans, to save dogs suffering from a baffling illness. Dr. Doug Swain, from Lyman Vet Clinic in Cass County, made the decision to administer Paxlovid to a bulldog named Cash, who was experiencing inflamed lungs and severe coughing with the presence of blood. This unconventional approach proved to be a turning point for Cash’s health, as he made a remarkable recovery from the brink of death.

Key Takeaway

A veterinarian in Iowa is prescribing the COVID-19 antiviral drug, Paxlovid, to dogs afflicted with a mysterious illness and witnessing positive results.

Dr. Swain, in an interview with KCCI 8, stated that his decision to prescribe Paxlovid was based on the understanding that there was little to lose in attempting this treatment. Soon after the administration of the antiviral pills, Cash’s condition significantly improved within days. Encouraged by this success, Dr. Swain continued to utilize Paxlovid for other dogs suffering from severe cases of the enigmatic ailment.

The veterinarian came to this innovative solution after observing that the affected dogs’ owners had recently been ill with COVID-19, exhibiting similar symptoms to their canine companions. Drawing from his own experience, Dr. Swain shared that the dogs’ appearance and symptoms were reminiscent of his own when he spent nine days in the ICU after contracting COVID-19.

The mysterious illness affecting dogs has been reported in at least 14 states, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Currently, there is no official treatment for the condition, and laboratories across the country are diligently working to identify the underlying cause of the disease.

Hope for Dogs Battling the Unknown

This unprecedented use of Paxlovid in veterinary medicine brings hope to dog owners facing the distressing reality of their pets’ unexplained illness. Dr. Swain’s innovative approach, although experimental, has shown promising results in the recovery of affected dogs.

While the official cause and treatment for this mysterious dog illness remain unknown, the administration of Paxlovid provides a glimmer of hope for these animals and their owners. The compassionate and determined efforts of Dr. Swain, inspired by the human-animal bond and his own personal encounter with COVID-19, offer a ray of optimism in the face of this puzzling medical challenge within the canine community.

The veterinary community eagerly awaits further research and definitive answers regarding the origins and treatment of this baffling illness. In the meantime, Dr. Swain’s groundbreaking use of Paxlovid serves as a testament to the tireless commitment of veterinarians, willing to explore unconventional solutions for the well-being of their patients.