Golden Retriever Survives Mysterious Illness After Taking “Last Resort” Antibiotic


A mysterious illness that has been affecting dogs in more than a dozen states and causing severe sickness may finally have a glimmer of hope for containment.

Key Takeaway

A golden retriever named Ike recovered from a mysterious illness after being treated with a “last resort” antibiotic. The disease, which has been spreading across several states, has caused concern among dog owners.

A Dog in Distress

In September, a 5-year-old golden retriever named Ike fell ill during a dog show. Concerned, Ike’s owners quickly took him to the veterinarian, where he was diagnosed with the disease that has dog owners everywhere on edge – Canine Infectious Respiratory Complex.

Ike was immediately taken to a veterinary hospital and placed in quarantine. With this illness, dogs can quickly transition from coughing to developing potentially deadly pneumonia.

A Last Resort Antibiotic

Ike was given a “last resort” antibiotic called chloramphenicol, which is used to combat bacterial infections. The dog’s family told ABC7 that within hours, Ike was no longer struggling to breathe.

The owner, Becky Oliver, stated, “It’s a very, very potent last resort antibiotic, but it’s what saved him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here.”

So far, authorities have not commented on the effectiveness of the antibiotic in treating this illness.

The Spread of the Disease

The illness has been spreading and has been found in California, Oregon, Indiana, Illinois, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, and various northeastern states.

In Oregon alone, there have been over 200 reported cases.