25 Best Anime Like Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

characters of different anime like demon slayer

Impressive anime like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is hard to come by. Binge-watching through the seasons is a given. But you may wonder what’s next to pick up to scratch the itch it left behind. Luckily, a handful of animes can help you out with that.

But if you’ve yet to watch Demon Slayer itself, do check it out first. We recommend watching Demon Slayer in this order: first season, the movie, then continuing with the second season. If you’re wondering where to watch the Demon Slayer movie, try Hulu and other streaming services.

Anime Like Demon Slayer: Our Top 25 Picks 

Here is a list of the top anime like the Demon Slayer series on different streaming platforms. While it might be difficult to find a better anime, the taste is entirely subjective. It’s likely you’ll find a series that’s right up your alley among these shows.  Remember to get some of the best free VPNs to have access to all of these animes. 


1. Jujutsu Kaisen is Among the Best Shonen Anime for a Reason

What anime is closest to Demon Slayer? To die-hard fans,  Jujutsu Kaisen is a comparable equivalent. Like Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen is also led by a young hero named Yuji Itadori. The depiction of characters in this anime is likewise just as complex. 

Jujutsu Kaisen focuses on the life of a high schooler who’s thrown into the dark, twisted world of Curses. After swallowing an ancient cursed artifact, Yuji’s life is irreversibly changed as he develops dark powers. With his quiet and comfortable life in ruins, he decides to use his newfound abilities to become a Jujutsu sorcerer. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.67

Where to watch Jujutsu Kaisen: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max

2. Attack on Titan is a Gritty, Depressing, and Action-Packed Classic

Fans of Demon Slayer and other dark shonen (series for young men) like Akame ga Kill are bound to enjoy the harsh grittiness and superb animation of Attack on Titan. It’s another monster-fighting anime with the classic now-or-never kind of heroism that Demon Slayer fans won’t want to miss out on. There are expected to be four Attack on Titan seasons in total.

Attack on Titan tells the story of Eren Yeager, a young man living in the outer districts of humanity’s last city. His life is forever changed when a titan unlike any other appears and breaks down the wall that’s been protecting humanity for generations. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.5

Where to Watch Attack on Titan: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu

3. Black Clover is an Action Anime With Interesting and Developed Characters

If you enjoyed Demon Slayer for its well-rounded cast, unique powers, and thrilling fight scenes, then you can’t go wrong with anime like Black Clover. Though it is simpler and milder, it follows the shonen formula well. 

The anime follows the story of two abandoned children, Asta and Yuno, who grow up as friends and vow to become the strongest mages in the kingdom together and compete to become the next Emperor Magus. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.1

Where to Watch Black Clover: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video

4. Hunter x Hunter is One of the Most Creative, Unique, and Well-Written Shonens of All Time

You’re going to love Hunter x Hunter’s protagonist named Gon if you enjoyed Demon Slayer anime characters like Tanjiro. At their cores, Gon’s and Tanjiro’s souls aren’t too different. Both bring out the best in people, and they’re more than willing to fight others if it means understanding them more. It’s a shonen with a sense of adventure and the familiar grittiness from Demon Slayer

Hunter x Hunter follows the journey of Gon Freecss, who aims to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a legendary Hunter himself. He faces many obstacles in his quest to achieve this goal. 


MyAnimeList Score: 9

Where to Watch Hunter x Hunter: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu

5. Bleach is One of the Most Iconic and Influential Shonen Manga in History 

Wondering which anime is as good as Demon Slayer? Bleach is definitely a worthy contender. Along with Naruto and One Piece, it has played a huge part in shaping most of the shonen series that came after it. Fans of shows like Dragon Ball and Sword Art Online can appreciate the action, characters, and supernatural elements of Bleach

This anime is about Ichigo Kurosaki who inherits his parent’s destiny and becomes a Shinigami (spirit guardian who defends humanity). After losing his family to Hollows (corrupt spirits), Ichigo vows to protect he innocent in his town, and eventually, the world. 


MyAnimeList Score: 7.9

Where to Watch Bleach: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu 

6. Berserk is Darker Than Your Average Anime, but It’s Also More Beautiful

If you enjoy violent action and poignant storytelling, then Berserk (1997) is the series for you. This anime is a faithful adaptation of a manga, like Demon Slayer. Though you don’t see the iconic greatsword “Dragon Slayer” in the anime, you get to see the story that shapes the protagonist into the man who can wield it.

Berserk follows the story of an inseparable duo: A renowned mercenary named Guts, and Griffith, the illustrious leader of the Band of the Hawk mercenary company. Ill omens follow the Band of the Hawk with every victory, threatening to change the company’s life forever. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.5

Where to Watch Berserk: Crunchyroll

7. Fire Force is All About Defending Humanity from Monsters That Were Once Human

Fire Force is an excellent fighting anime like Demon Slayer. Much like the latter, this series boasts an interesting and compelling roster of characters. The animation, fight scenes, and voice acting are also top-notch, making for a thrilling experience from start to finish. 

The world of Fire Force is plagued with Spontaneous Human Combustion: a mysterious phenomenon that causes people to burst into flames, creating monsters known as Infernals. But in rare cases, Pyrokinetics are created. With the ability to control flame while retaining their humanity, the Pyrokinetics are in a long-term battle to extinguish Infernals for good.


MyAnimeList Score: 7.7

Where to Watch Fire Force: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu

8. Rurouni Kenshin is a Samurai Anime Classic for a Reason

Another anime loaded with intense, fast-paced samurai action is Rurouni Kenshin. Like Demon Slayer — and by extension, most anime — this series is an animated adaptation of an original manga. Its top-notch sword fighting, complex and interesting characters, and wonderful storytelling will keep anyone hooked all the way through. 

Rurouni Kenshin follows the life of Kenshin Himura, once known as the revered manslayer Hitokiri Battousai. His journey unfolds as he renounces his murderous ways, opting to live peacefully and defend the weak. Just how long will this new life last?


MyAnimeList Score: 8.2

Where to Watch Fire Force: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu 

9. Bungou Stray Dogs is Stylish, Clever, and Full of Interesting Characters with Creative Abilities

Fans of Demon Slayer looking to find a new action anime to watch will be thoroughly entertained by Bungou Stray Dogs. With a large majority of characters named after renowned Japanese authors, this series cleverly references Japanese literature at its core. Each character possesses abilities inspired by the works of their namesakes, and they’re always a treat to see in action. 

Bungou Stray Dogs kicks off after Atsushi Nakajima ends up joining the Armed Detective Agency – a group of people with supernatural capabilities. Now, it’s up to him and the rest of the gang to investigate cases the police can’t handle. 


MyAnimeList Score: 7.8

Where to Watch Bungou Stray Dogs: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video 

10. Vinland Saga is a Historical Action Anime about Grief, Revenge, and Atonement

There’s something alluring about seeing historical settings in a flashy anime style. Though the viking anime Vinland Saga is more grounded in reality, its storytelling is superb and the characters are top-notch and have similar vibes to Demon Slayer

Vinland Saga is about Thorfinn, who is taken under the wing of Askeladd, a mercenary warlord who has slain his father. Driven by grief and vengeance, he keeps Askeladd in close proximity by staying in the mercenary’s group, vowing that he’ll kill him one day. Until that day comes, Thorfinn must learn from his father’s killer, and fight under Askeladd’s command to become stronger. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.7

Where to Watch Vinland Saga: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Prime Video

11. Dororo is a Must-Watch for People Craving Historical Fantasy Action in Japan

Fans of Demon Slayers. be sure to check out Dororo. Unlike other shows on this list, every episode of Dororo features the same core cast, but the trials they face and the people they meet are different every time. 

Dororo revolves around the adventures of Hyakkimaru, a child whose limbs and senses were taken from him by demons. After being sent adrift to die, he is rescued by a medicine man. Surviving on prosthetic limbs, Hyakkimaru befriends Dororo: a crafty orphan boy who decides to accompany him on his travels to elimiate demons. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.4

Where to Watch Dororo: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Prime Video

12. Soul Eater is Full of Fun and Well-Written Characters

For those keen on finding anime like Demon Slayer, the time-honored classic Soul Eater is a must-watch. Though it isn’t anywhere near as dark, gritty, or violent as Demon Slayer, it’s a series that’s full of heart and shouldn’t be overlooked.

The story focuses on three pairs of eccentric students at the esteemed Death Weapon Meister Academy headed by Death itself. Soul Eater closely follows their lives as they defend the world from all kinds of creatures while struggling to balance their minds, bodies, and souls. 


MyAnimeList Score: 7.8

Where to Watch Soul Eater: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Prime Video, Hulu

13. Noragami is a Funny, Wholesome, yet Gut-Wrenching Shonen

Anime like Demon Slayer manages to balance darker moments with funny, lighthearted, and wholesome scenes – something that Noragami also accomplishes impeccably. More than that, it’s the best action anime if you’re interested in complex characters, gorgeous fight scenes, as well as an overarching story that binds everyone’s tales together. 

Noragami features three protagonists: Yato, a minor deity who aspires to have a million followers; Hiyori, a girl with strange spiritual gifts; and Yukine, a spirit who can turn into a sword. The trio must do their best to help Yato be a better god. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8

Where to Watch Noragami: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu

14. Made in Abyss is a Violent, Yet Deeply Intriguing Adventure Anime

For those who’ve searched for anime like Demon Slayer on Reddit, it’s likely you’ve seen Made in Abyss among the list of recommendations. This series isn’t for the faint of the heart. Like Demon Slayer, Made in Abyss revolves around a cast of youths embarking on an adventure. Their obstacles? The many monsters that obstruct their path. 

This anime follows Riko, the daughter of a renowned explorer who aspires to become just like her mother. However, as a low-ranking explorer, she’s only permitted to traverse the upper layers of the Abyss: a seemingly infinite chasm that stretches down into the depths of the earth. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.7

Where to Watch Made in Abyss: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu

15. Dorohedoro is the Perfect Combination of Dark, Gritty, and Wholesome

If you’re on the hunt for horror anime with devils, demons, and wild, wacky magic, Dorohedoro is a must-see. Fans of Demon Slayer will appreciate this series for its phenomenal characters and storytelling. The anime manages to be dark, yet wholesome at the same time — something that’s enhanced by its funny jokes and ridiculous premises. 

In Dorohedoro, there are two worlds: the Sorcerer’s World where all magic users live, and the Hole where everyone else belongs to. The story revolves around the life of Kaiman — an amnesiac man from the Hole hunting for the sorcerer who used the dark arts to turn him into a reptile. 


MyAnimeList Score: 8.1

Where to Watch Dorohedoro: Netflix

16. Blue Exorcist Features a Young, Up-and-Coming Slayer of Demons

Those in search of demon and devil anime will enjoy Blue Exorcist immensely. Much like Demon Slayer, this series is a fantasy shonen heavy on action and flashy moves. What makes Blue Exorcist different, however, is how it takes place in a more modern and urban setting. 

Blue Exorcist follows the story of Rin Okumura, an ordinary high schooler with a rebellious streak. His life suddenly takes a strange turn after he’s ambushed by demons, revealing that he must return to the demon world so he can conquer humanity with his father, Satan. Rejecting this, Rin decides to train and become an exorcist so he can defeat Satan and protect the human world instead. 


MyAnimeList Score: 7.5

Where to Watch Blue Exorcist: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu 

17. Samurai Champloo is a Stylish Classic with an Amazing Soundtrack

If you’re wondering what anime to watch next after Demon Slayer, Samurai Champloo should scratch that sword-fighting itch. Though this anime has some fantasy elements, it’s one that’s worth picking up. The decision to combine hip hop with the backdrop of Edo period Japan makes for an unforgettable 26-episode experience. 

Samurai Champloo kicks off as vagabond samurai Mugen and Jin are to be executed after destroying a teahouse and slaughtering droves of local guards during a duel. Fortunately, a woman named Fuu rescues them. The catch? They must help her find a samurai who smells of sunflowers.


MyAnimeList Score: 8.5

Where to Watch Samurai Champloo: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Prime Video, Hulu 

18. Claymore is a Dark and Action-Packed Anime with Demonslayers 

Claymore is a demon hunter anime, much like a far darker version of Demon Slayer. Its overarching villain is similar to Kibutsuji Muzan in Demon Slayer, eating people and regenerating from fatal injuries. Armed with specially-made swords, protagonists must also square off against these beings to survive. 

The central character of this anime is Clare, a Claymore or a being who is half-human, half-youma (monster in Japanese) who specializes in wielding giant swords to slay monsters. Along the way, she is accompanied by Raki, a banished young man whom she rescues in her quest. The duo travel from town to town, battling demonic beings along the way.


MyAnimeList Score: 7.8

Where to Watch Claymore: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu

19. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is All About Survival

Demon Slayer fans would appreciate Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress for its incredible soundtrack, animation, and gritty survival. In a similar manner to Demon Slayer, humanity is threatened by the living dead (known as “kabane”) in Kabaneri. It combines steampunk with zombies to make an unforgettable 12-episode experience. 

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress follows the story of Ikoma, a young man who works on an armored train that transports people to safe havens. The bulk of humanity has already been wiped out, and only the most fortified civilizations remain. Matters are quickly complicated when the kabane mount their assault. 


MyAnimeList Score: 7.3

Where to Watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video

20. Golden Kamuy is a Historical Anime Set in Wintertime

If you enjoyed the historical aspect of Demon Slayer, along with the harsh backdrop of Japan in winter, then you might enjoy Golden Kamuy. Equal parts dark, funny, and action-packed, it’s painstakingly clear that there’s a lot more to this series than meets the eye.

Golden Kamuy revolves around Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the Russo-Japanese war, who has learned a strange tale: a man murdered a group of indigenous people and stole a fortune in gold, which he hid in Hokkaido before getting arrested. Saichi tries to recover the lost treasure with clues from the tattooed bodies of the man’s cellmates. 


MyAnimeList Score: 7.9

Where to Watch Golden Kamuy: Crunchyroll, Netflix, Funimation, Prime Video

21. Ninja Scroll: The Series is Another Samurai Anime Set in Japan

Another series about samurai and sword fighting is Ninja Scroll: The Series. Like Demon Slayer, this series takes place in an alternate historical Japan loaded with supernatural elements. Expect a lot of violent fight scenes with this demon-slaying anime.

Ninja Scroll introduces us to Kibagami Jubei, a masterless swordsman who now works as a mercenary ninja. In the middle of his travels, he meets a sheltered priestess by the name of Shigure. Demons suddenly attack her village, and now it’s up to Jubei to protect them. 


MyAnimeList Score: 6.7

Where to Watch Ninja Scroll: Crunchyroll, Prime Video

22. The Fate Series is Perfect for Fans of Flashy Fight Scenes and Well-Written Characters

Fans of the Demon Slayer art style should keep an eye out for the Fate series. Both Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works was created by Ufotable, the same animation studio behind some of the best anime like Demon Slayer. Start with Unlimited Blade Works if you’re planning on giving it a watch. 

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works is, at its core, a battle royale revolving around seven different Masters competing for a wish-granting grail. They summon and control Servants who fight for them in battle. This is the story of Shirou, who entered the fray accidentally.


MyAnimeList Score: 8.2

Where to Watch Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works: Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu

23. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is one of the Most Iconic Shonens of All Time

Is there a better anime than Demon Slayer? The answer will depend on your preference, but Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a good contender. It’s one of the best anime out there, securing the number one spot on MyAnimeList. 

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood tells the story of Edward and Alphonse Elric, two brothers who lost their bodies after failing to use alchemy to resurrect their mother. On a quest to get their bodies back, the duo sets off to find the Philosopher’s Stone — a gem with the power to enhance their alchemy a thousandfold. 


MyAnimeList Score: 9.1

Where to Watch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu

24. D.gray-man is an Action-Packed, Demon Slaying Romp

D.gray-man is another thrilling, action-packed series about killing demons, no wonder it’s one of the best shows like Demon Slayer right now. Its intense fight scenes, not to mention the overarching mysteries behind their respective antagonists, are also a welcome sight. 

In the series, Exorcists of the Black Order are at war with the Millennium Earl and his Akuma. The only way to stop these foes is through the use of anti-Akuma weapons called “Innocence.” Exorcist Allen Walker is one such carrier of Innocence, who travels extensively to vanquish all traces of Akuma. 

MyAnimeList Score: 8

Where to Watch D.gray-man: Crunchyroll, Funimation, Prime Video, Hulu

25. Ushio & Tora is an Excellent Shonen for Fans of Demon Slayer

Last on the list of recommended anime for fans of Demon Slayer is Ushio & Tora, another shonen with heavy inclinations toward mythology and the supernatural. They’re both battle-heavy and they both revolve around the camaraderie between a human and a demon. 

This anime is about Ushio Aotsuki, who encounters the mighty youkai (spirits in Japanese), Tora, impaled by the fabled Beast Spear in his father’s temple’s basement. After a youkai outbreak threatens his home out of the blue, Ushio sets Tora free — for better or for worse. 


MyAnimeList Score: 7.57

Where to Watch Ushio & Tora: Crunchyroll, Netflix

This Animes can Entertain You as You Wait for Demon Slayer Season 3

While waiting for the arrival of the third season of  Demon Slayer  (sometime in 2023), keep yourself busy with these animes that will have you hooked in no time.  If you’re still on the hunt for more shows to watch to keep yourself busy, then here’s a list of some of the best anime you need to watch right now