Vernon Davis Open To NFL Comeback, Willing To Come Off The Bench


Former NFL tight end, Vernon Davis, has expressed his interest in returning to the field if the right opportunity presents itself. The two-time Pro Bowler, who last played in the league during the 2019 season, stated that he would be open to coming out of retirement and suiting up as a tight end for a team in need.

Key Takeaway

Vernon Davis, former NFL tight end, is willing to make a comeback and offers his services as a support player to any team in need of a skilled tight end.

Davis, who has recently been focused on his Hollywood career and other business ventures, admits that when he watches games on TV, he feels the urge to compete once again. At 39 years old, he is eager to test his skills against the younger generation of players.

However, Davis makes it clear that a return to the field would only be contingent on specific conditions being met. The team would need to be a contender, and the financial aspect would have to be favorable. If these factors align, Davis is more than willing to embrace a support role in the game and contribute from the bench.

While Davis awaits a potential comeback opportunity, he currently enjoys being a fan of the sport. He mentions that, as a spectator, he sees the Ravens as an underrated Super Bowl contender.

In the meantime, if Davis does not find himself on an NFL roster, he remains occupied with running a new betting platform that he is extremely excited about. This venture keeps him engaged in the world of sports and offers a different avenue for his passion and expertise.