Vegas Hospitality Workers Showcase Skills At Housekeeping Olympics


A showcase of talent, skill, and competition unfolded in Las Vegas as hospitality workers from across North America gathered for the 33rd annual IEHA Housekeeping Olympics. This exciting event, which was postponed for four years due to the pandemic, provided a platform for housekeeping professionals to demonstrate their expertise and compete against their peers.

Key Takeaway

Hospitality workers from across North America showcased their skills and competed in the 33rd annual IEHA Housekeeping Olympics held in Las Vegas. The Bellagio team emerged as the winners, highlighting the importance of excellence in the cleaning industry.

A Celebration of Skill and Excellence

The Housekeeping Olympics took place at the prestigious Michelob Ultra Arena at Mandalay Bay. It transformed into a captivating battleground, where brooms, beds, vacuums, and buckets became the tools of the trade. Participants excitedly showcased their abilities in a range of tasks, including vacuum racing, bed-making, and mop relay.

IEHA Executive Director, Michael Patterson, emphasized the event’s significance. He believes that the Housekeeping Olympics spotlight the best practices, techniques, and innovations in the industry. It serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the impact of excellence within the cleaning industry on a global scale.

A Shining Victory

After a fierce competition, the team from the renowned Bellagio hotel emerged victorious, leaving a sparkling trail of success in their wake. Their exceptional skills, teamwork, and dedication to the craft earned them the coveted title in this year’s Housekeeping Olympics.