Utah Skier Survives Life-Threatening Avalanche, Captures Terrifying Incident On Helmet Cam


A Utah skier narrowly escaped a life-threatening situation after being swept away by a fast-moving avalanche, and the entire harrowing ordeal was captured on video. The incident took place near Davis Gulch off Gobblers Knob, where three skiers ventured despite warnings of dangerous avalanche conditions.

Key Takeaway

A skier in Utah narrowly survives a life-threatening avalanche after being swept away by the powerful force of nature. The entire incident was captured on a helmet camera, highlighting the dangers of venturing into avalanche-prone areas and the importance of heeding safety warnings.

Caught in the Avalanche

One of the skiers unintentionally triggered a hard slab avalanche, leading to a perilous situation. While two of the skiers managed to move to safety, Steve Gourley found himself caught in the middle of the avalanche. Gourley’s helmet camera recorded the terrifying event as he was swept away by the 2-4 foot-deep avalanche at speeds of 27 MPH.

The avalanche, which stretched out 500 feet wide and 2,000 feet long, carried a partially buried Gourley 650 feet down the slope. Miraculously, Gourley was able to dig himself out and emerged in good enough condition to share the footage on social media, garnering attention and support from ski enthusiasts.

Close Call and Lessons Learned

The Utah Avalanche Center described the incident as a “super close call,” emphasizing the gravity of the situation. Gourley, reflecting on the experience, expressed his intention to stick with low-angle terrains in the future, recognizing the risks associated with triggering avalanches.