Usher Pays Emotional Tribute To Drummer Aaron Spears At Funeral


Grammy-winning artist Usher couldn’t hold back his tears as he bid a public farewell to his longtime friend and drummer, Aaron Spears. The emotional tribute took place at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden Worship Center in Maryland, where Usher praised Aaron’s incredible talent and impact on his life.

Key Takeaway

Usher delivered a powerful eulogy for his dear friend Aaron Spears, highlighting their lasting friendship and Aaron’s influential role in the music industry. The emotional tribute showcased the deep bond between the two artists and celebrated Aaron’s remarkable talent as a drummer.

A Lasting Friendship Remembered

Usher expressed his deep gratitude to Aaron for being an “amazing force” throughout their journey together. He credited his Musical Director, Valdez Brantley, for introducing them and bringing them closer. Through tears, Usher made it clear that Aaron would forever hold a special place in his heart.

Despite his grief, Usher shared a lighthearted moment, reminiscing about their friendship. He revealed, “He follows me everywhere I go, and I was like, ‘Man, you caught that?! … you cold bro! You the worst'” – showcasing their bond and Aaron’s incredible skills as a drummer.

An Unwavering Source of Encouragement

Usher, visibly emotional, put his sunglasses back on and continued to reflect on Aaron’s unwavering support. Recalling their conversations, he shared, “He would say, ‘Man, you gonna be alright … he would say tonight is going to be the most incredible night ever!'”

A Heartfelt Goodbye to a Musical Maestro

News of Aaron Spears’ sudden death was announced by his wife on October 30. Usher was not the only one deeply affected by the loss; fellow artists Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande also paid tribute to the talented drummer. While Aaron’s cause of death still remains unknown, his legacy as a gifted musician and cherished friend will be remembered.