Usher Apologizes For Smacking Nicki Minaj’s Butt And Refutes Alicia Keys Disrespect


Usher’s recent Super Bowl halftime show performance has sparked controversy over his interaction with Alicia Keys, but the singer is standing by his actions. However, he has issued an apology for a past incident involving Nicki Minaj.

Key Takeaway

Usher has apologized for his past behavior involving Nicki Minaj and refuted claims of disrespect towards Alicia Keys, emphasizing that his actions were part of their performance routine.

Usher’s Apology and Explanation

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Usher addressed the criticism he received for his public display of affection with Alicia Keys at the Super Bowl. He also acknowledged the resurfacing of a 2014 VMA performance with Nicki Minaj, where he engaged in physical contact that has been deemed inappropriate by many.

Usher explained that the dance moves during the VMA performance were influenced by Jamaican culture, where physical interaction is a common part of the routine. However, he admitted that his actions may have crossed a line and expressed regret for his behavior.

Response to Backlash

Regarding the incident with Alicia Keys, Usher defended his actions, stating that the embrace was a part of their performance for ‘My Boo’ and not intended to disrespect her. He also addressed a reference to him in an episode of “The Boondocks,” attributing the woman’s behavior to the “Usher Effect.”

Reactions and Moving Forward

Alicia’s husband, Swizz Beatz, and Usher have both laughed off the controversy, with Usher expressing that they are on good terms. However, he acknowledged the need to be more mindful of his actions in the future.

As the public continues to scrutinize Usher’s conduct, the singer remains under close observation.