University Of Alabama Condemns Homophobic Slurs And Racist Remarks From Fan


The University of Alabama has expressed its strong condemnation and outrage after a fan was caught on video hurling homophobic slurs and racist remarks at Texas players during a recent game. The university, in a statement, described the behavior as “vile” and emphasized that it does not align with their values or the atmosphere they aim to create at their venues.

Key Takeaway

The University of Alabama has condemned the use of homophobic slurs and racist remarks by a fan during a Texas game. The university expressed its outrage and emphasized that such behavior goes against their values and will not be tolerated.

Disturbing Incident Captured on Video

During the Longhorns’ 34-24 victory over the Crimson Tide at Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa, a bystander recorded a fan repeatedly using an anti-gay slur directed towards a group of celebrating Texas players. The same individual can also be heard shouting racially offensive comments, telling the players, who are Black, to “go back to the projects.”

Players Yet to Comment Publicly, but Heartbreak Expressed by Wisner’s Mother

Although the targeted players, defensive backs X’Avion Brice and Jelani McDonald, and running back Quintrevion Wisner have not spoken publicly about the incident, Wisner’s mother, Angie Wisner, released a statement expressing her sadness and heartbreak for her son. She described the experience of having to listen to derogatory and offensive remarks about her son as a disgrace.

University of Alabama Strongly Condemns Fan’s Actions

The University of Alabama wasted no time in denouncing the fan’s behavior. In a scathing statement, the university expressed its deep disappointment and disgust, stating that such language and behavior are not representative of the institution and would not be tolerated within their venues. They further emphasized the importance of all attendees acting with class and respect, and encouraged fans to report any issues to on-site security.

It remains unclear if law enforcement authorities are investigating the incident for potential criminal charges. Requests for comment from the University of Alabama Police Department (UAPD) have been made, but no response has been received as of yet.