Tyreek Hill Opens Up On Spontaneous Marriage During Bye-Week: “It Was About Time”


Star football player Tyreek Hill surprised fans last week when he announced that he had tied the knot with his longtime fiancée, Keeta Vaccaro. The couple, who had been engaged since 2021, decided to make it official during their bye-week. Hill revealed the details of their spontaneous marriage during a media interview, stating that the idea came about during a casual conversation.

Key Takeaway

Tyreek Hill, the star football player, revealed that he and his longtime fiancée, Keeta Vaccaro, got married during their bye-week. The decision came about spontaneously after a conversation about their long engagement.

Hill shared that he had been spending a lot of quality time with his children and Vaccaro, which led to the topic of marriage. He recounted the moment when he proposed the idea to his fiancée, saying, “‘Babe, we’ve been engaged so long, are you ready to tie the knot?’ It caught her off guard, but she was intrigued. She challenged me to prove my sincerity, and we took the plunge.”

The couple headed to a courthouse in Travis County, Texas on November 8th to make their union official. While some may have been surprised by the spontaneous decision, Hill emphasized that it was the perfect timing for them. “It was about time,” he declared with a sense of satisfaction.

Although the courthouse wedding took place quietly, Hill mentioned that they plan to have a more formal celebration with a small ceremony in the near future. While speaking about his marriage, Hill also touched upon his friendship with his Dolphins teammate, Jaylen Waddle.

When asked about Waddle’s wedding gift, Hill playfully remarked that he had not yet received one. However, he humorously added that he was patiently waiting for a brunch meal with his Miami teammate. The lighthearted comment showcased the bond shared by the two players.

Tyreek Hill and Keeta Vaccaro’s spontaneous marriage highlights the importance of seizing the right moment when it comes to matters of the heart. Their decision to make it official after a long engagement demonstrates their commitment and happiness in taking this next step in their relationship.