Tyreek Hill Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Incident During Football Drill


A lawsuit has been filed against NFL star Tyreek Hill by social media influencer Sophie Hall, who claims that Hill broke her leg during a football drill in his backyard. The incident is said to have occurred last summer, and Hall is seeking significant compensation for her injuries.

Key Takeaway

Social media influencer Sophie Hall has filed a lawsuit against Tyreek Hill, alleging that he broke her leg during a football drill in his backyard. She is seeking compensation for her injuries.

Allegations and Lawsuit

Sophie Hall alleges that after booking a ticket for her son to attend one of Tyreek Hill’s football camps in South Florida, she received flirtatious messages from Hill on Instagram. These messages reportedly included an invitation from Hill for her to visit him at his mansion. Hall claims that after she made her way to Hill’s home, he asked her to participate in football drills during a training session in his backyard. It is alleged that during the drills, Hill became angry and forcefully charged into her, causing her to suffer a leg injury.

Seeking Damages

Hall asserts that despite her complaints of being hurt, Hill downplayed the severity of her injury. Upon returning home, she was diagnosed with a leg fracture that required medical intervention. Hall claims to be experiencing ongoing pain and weakness as a result of the incident and is now pursuing legal action against Hill.