Green Bay Packers Fan Douses Amon-Ra St. Brown In Beer During Touchdown Celebration


A Green Bay Packers fan took his frustration to the next level during a recent game against the Detroit Lions. Following a touchdown by Lions star Amon-Ra St. Brown, the disgruntled fan dumped his beer all over St. Brown’s head, spoiling his celebratory moment.

Key Takeaway

A Green Bay Packers fan doused Lions player Amon-Ra St. Brown in beer during his touchdown celebration. St. Brown took the incident in stride and made a lighthearted comment about it after the game. This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of the occasional incidents that occur in NFL stadiums during moments of heated rivalry between teams.

The Unfortunate Incident

The incident occurred in the first quarter of the “Thursday Night Football” game between the Lions and the Packers. St. Brown made an impressive 24-yard touchdown catch and proceeded to celebrate with Lions fans in the front row. Mimicking the infamous Lambeau Leap, he jumped over a wall behind the end zone and into the waiting arms of enthusiastic supporters wearing blue and silver.

Unfortunately, as St. Brown was enjoying the moment, a Green Bay fan decided to rain on his parade. In a replay of the celebration, the fan can be seen extending his drink towards St. Brown’s helmet and pouring it on him. However, the wide receiver quickly brushed off the incident and rejoined his team.

Repercussions and Response

It remains unclear whether the fan faced any consequences for his action or if St. Brown even noticed amidst the chaos in the stands. Following the game, when approached by reporters, St. Brown lightheartedly joked about the celebration, saying, “I lost my Lambeau Leap virginity.”

Incidents like this are not uncommon in NFL stadiums. In a similar incident in 2018 at Gillette Stadium, a fan was investigated by the Foxborough Police Department for throwing beer on Tyreek Hill after a touchdown. It is unknown at this time whether the Green Bay Police Department is involved in this recent incident.

The Game Outcome

Despite the unfortunate incident, the Lions prevailed over the Packers with a victory of 34-20. In a final act of defiance towards a heckling fan, St. Brown blew a kiss to someone who had been gesturing rudely towards him.