Amon-Ra St. Brown Pays Up After USC-Notre Dame Rivalry Bet


Detroit Lions wide receiver, Amon-Ra St. Brown, made quite the fashion statement during a recent media availability session. Dressed head to toe in vibrant green attire, he looked like a walking leprechaun. However, there was a reason behind his peculiar outfit choice – he had lost a bet with his teammate, Julian Okwara.

Key Takeaway

Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown honored a lost bet by dressing as a leprechaun after the USC-Notre Dame rivalry game. He agreed to the wager with his teammate Julian Okwara, who supported Notre Dame. St. Brown’s outfit caused a stir during media availability, leading to humorous interactions with reporters.

Agreement Among Teammates

Following the USC-Notre Dame rivalry game, St. Brown and Okwara struck a wager. If USC won, Okwara would have to dress up as Tommy Trojan. Conversely, if Notre Dame emerged victorious, St. Brown had to don the leprechaun-inspired ensemble. Unfortunately for St. Brown, Notre Dame came out on top, leading to his fashionable punishment.

“We made an agreement,” St. Brown explained. “I called J.O., FaceTimed him, and he said if USC wins, he has to be Tommy Trojan. I said, ‘OK.’ And he said if Notre Dame wins, I gotta be — I don’t know what this is called.”

A Good Fight, But a Tough Loss

The USC Trojans put up a valiant effort against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but ultimately fell short. The game remained competitive until the final moments, leaving St. Brown on the losing end of the bet.

No Gambling Here

St. Brown emphasized that the bet should not be labeled as such, as the NFL has recently been cracking down on gambling activities within locker rooms. While they were merely engaging in friendly banter, it’s clear that the league has become more vigilant about enforcing its policies.

Looking Ahead

With several games remaining in the USC Trojans’ regular season, St. Brown may not get the chance to seek revenge on Okwara this year. However, he now has the opportunity to come up with creative ways to make his other teammates pay up for their bets.