Tyreek Hill Criticizes Patriots Fans: Some Of The “Worst” In The NFL


Tyreek Hill, the star receiver for the Miami Dolphins, did not hold back his feelings about New England Patriots fans after a victorious game. Following the Dolphins’ 24-17 win at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Hill openly called out the Patriots fans, labeling them as some of the “worst” in the entire NFL.

Key Takeaway

Tyreek Hill voiced his dissatisfaction with the behavior of New England Patriots fans, describing them as some of the “worst” in the NFL. Hill cited rude comments made by fans during the game and expressed satisfaction in waving goodbye to them after his team’s victory.

In a candid interview with reporters, the 7-time Pro Bowler did not mince his words. “Those fans are some of the worst in the NFL,” Hill stated. “And I’m going to stand on that, they are real nasty.”

Hill went on to share that during the game, some Patriots fans had crossed the line with their behavior, throwing insults that would not be appropriate for a church setting. Clearly, the actions and words of the fans left a negative impression on Hill.

This is not the first time that Hill has had a run-in with Patriots fans. Back in 2018, while still playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, he was on the receiving end of a beer being thrown at him and was even flipped off by a Patriots fan after scoring a touchdown.

The Patriots, currently off to their worst start since 2001 with a 0-2 record, have their loyal fans feeling a sense of unease. Despite coming close to victory in Sunday’s game, they fell short on the final drive, adding to the frustration of the fans.

It is clear that the tense atmosphere and disappointing performance of the Patriots have contributed to the contentious relationship between Hill and the team’s supporters. As for the fans, they will have to find a way to regroup and show a more respectful demeanor moving forward.

In any case, it is essential for fans to remember the importance of sportsmanship and to support their teams in a positive and respectful manner. Let’s hope that future encounters between Tyreek Hill and Patriots fans will be marked by better behavior from both sides.