Rob Gronkowski Expresses Interest In Joining Olympic Flag Football Team


Rob Gronkowski, the former New England Patriots tight end, has expressed his enthusiasm for playing flag football for Team USA in the Olympics. Gronkowski, who retired from the NFL in 2022, stated that he would unretire from football if given the opportunity to represent his country in the flag football version of the sport.

Key Takeaway

Rob Gronkowski has expressed his excitement and willingness to represent Team USA in Olympic flag football. Despite retiring, Gronkowski believes he is back to peak physical condition and would consider returning to the NFL for a flag football league. The approval of flag football in the Olympics is yet to be determined, but Gronkowski remains enthusiastic about the sport and his various business ventures.

Gronkowski’s Eager Participation

Gronkowski spoke candidly about his willingness to join the Olympic team, saying, “Count me in already!” He hopes to bypass tryouts and be accepted onto the team. Despite being 39 years old when the Olympics kick off in Los Angeles in 2028, Gronkowski believes that his retirement has allowed him to take better care of his body, and he feels he is now back to 100 percent.

Potential NFL Flag Football League

Even before the inclusion of flag football in the Olympics, Gronkowski expressed his interest in a potential NFL flag football league. He emphasized, “If there was a flag football league – an NFL flag football league – I would be playing in that currently as we speak.”

Official Inclusion in the Olympics

While flag football has not yet been officially added to the Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee is expected to vote on potential additions in the coming days. Should flag football be approved, Gronkowski could have noteworthy teammates, as Tyreek Hill has already expressed his interest in participating as well.

Gronkowski’s Ventures Beyond Football

In addition to his potential return to football, Gronkowski has been busy with various business ventures. One of his latest projects is Voomerang, which he helped launch with his girlfriend, Camille Kostek. Voomerang aims to help charities organize fundraisers in an enjoyable manner.