Trina Praises Beyoncé As The Top Female Rapper In Hip Hop


Trina has made a bold statement at this year’s OneMusicFest in Atlanta, crowning Beyoncé as the best female rapper in the industry’s 50th year. Despite acknowledging that Beyoncé primarily raps in her spare time, Trina credited her for revolutionizing the landscape for female rappers’ success in recent years.

Key Takeaway

Trina’s praise of Beyoncé as the top female rapper highlights the impact of Beyoncé’s rap alter-ego on inspiring future female rappers globally, as well as her influence on the evolving landscape of the rap genre.

Beyoncé’s Influence on Female Rappers

Trina emphasized that Beyoncé’s rap alter-ego has been a source of inspiration for future female rappers globally. She praised Mrs. Carter’s bars and rhymes, highlighting the impact of her contribution to the rap genre.

Beyoncé’s Rap Journey

While primarily known for her singing prowess, Beyoncé has demonstrated her rap skills over the years. Her collaboration with Jay-Z on the joint album in 2018, which included the Grammy-nominated single “Apeshit,” showcased her versatility as an artist.

Trina’s Reflection on the Rap Scene

Trina mourned the end of the Renaissance Tour and expressed her dissatisfaction with the current state of female rap, stating that everything from the rap girlies has been basic since then. She expressed hope for Beyoncé’s significant plans in 2024 to rejuvenate the female rap scene.