Trevor Lawrence Regrets Declining To Use Cart After Ankle Injury


Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence has revealed that he declined to use a cart after suffering a high-ankle sprain during Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals. Lawrence, who was seen limping his way to the X-ray room, now regrets his decision and acknowledges that he should have taken the offer.

Key Takeaway

Trevor Lawrence declined the use of a cart after sustaining an ankle injury during Monday Night Football. He later expressed regret over his decision and acknowledged that he should have taken advantage of the provided transport. However, despite the mishap, Lawrence appears to be recovering well, with optimism for his availability in the next game.

The Choice to Decline the Cart

Despite the option to use a cart to avoid further complications with his injured leg, Lawrence made the decision to walk off the field and head to the locker room on his own. “I just want to get off the field, get out of there,” Lawrence explained. He admitted that at the time, he was unaware of the severity of his ankle injury.

Believing he could manage the short distance, Lawrence declined the cart and expressed his desire to continue on foot. However, as he embarked on the lengthy walk, the quarterback immediately regretted his choice.

Mixed Feelings

Lawrence admitted that despite being given another opportunity to use the cart, he resolutely chose to tough it out on his own. Reflecting on his decision, he said, “Maybe that was dumb. Maybe I should’ve taken one. Whatever.”

Despite his regret, Lawrence was spotted without a walking boot on Wednesday, indicating there is a glimmer of hope that he might be able to play in the upcoming game against the Browns on Sunday.