How To Watch NFL Combine


What is the NFL Combine?

The NFL Combine is an annual event where college football players showcase their skills and abilities in front of NFL coaches, scouts, and team representatives. It serves as an important tool for evaluating the potential of these athletes and determining their draft stock.

During the Combine, prospects participate in a series of physical and mental tests that are specifically designed to assess their strength, speed, agility, and football IQ. These tests include the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, three-cone drill, and the Wonderlic test, among others.

The primary purpose of the NFL Combine is for teams to gather valuable information and measurements about the players that can influence their decision-making process leading up to the NFL Draft. This includes not only their physical attributes, but also their character, work ethic, and ability to perform under pressure.

The Combine is held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Lucas Oil Stadium, which is also the venue for the NFL Scouting Combine. This location provides a centralized and standardized facility, allowing teams to easily compare results across different prospects.

Furthermore, the NFL Combine is not only limited to the physical tests. It also includes interviews and meetings with team representatives, where prospects have the opportunity to showcase their communication skills and football knowledge. These interviews can play a significant role in a player’s draft stock, as teams assess their personality traits, leadership qualities, and ability to fit into their respective organizations.

The results and performances at the NFL Combine can greatly impact a player’s draft position. A strong showing in the physical tests and impressive performances in the drills can significantly boost a prospect’s stock, while a lackluster performance may affect their draft status negatively.

Overall, the NFL Combine is a crucial event in the pre-draft process, enabling teams to thoroughly evaluate the skills, abilities, and potential of the top college football prospects. It serves as a platform for these prospects to prove their worth and make a lasting impression on NFL teams as they position themselves for the draft.

When and where is the NFL Combine?

The NFL Combine is typically held in late February or early March each year. It lasts for about a week and serves as a crucial event in the pre-draft process for NFL teams. The exact dates for the Combine may vary slightly from year to year.

The event is held in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the Lucas Oil Stadium. This state-of-the-art facility, which is also the home stadium for the Indianapolis Colts, provides a centralized and standardized venue for teams to evaluate the top college football prospects.

Lucas Oil Stadium offers excellent facilities for both the physical tests and the interviews, with ample space for the prospects to showcase their skills and interact with team personnel. The stadium’s large field allows for the running of the 40-yard dash and other field drills, while designated areas are set up for the weightlifting stations and other physical tests.

Teams from all 32 NFL franchises gather at the Combine to assess the prospects and gather valuable information that will aid them in the draft process. Coaches, scouts, and team representatives closely observe the performances of the players, taking notes and tracking the results of each test.

In addition to the on-field activities, prospects also undergo thorough medical examinations during the Combine. These medical evaluations are conducted by team doctors and provide teams with vital information about the players’ health and any existing or potential injuries.

The Combine is an exclusive event that is not open to the general public. Only invited players, league personnel, and accredited media are allowed to attend. However, fans can still get a glimpse of the action through media coverage and televised highlights.

Overall, the NFL Combine serves as a critical event in determining the future of college football prospects. It provides a platform for players to showcase their skills, while simultaneously giving NFL teams an opportunity to gather essential data and evaluate their potential as professional players.

How to Watch the NFL Combine on TV

The NFL Combine is an exciting event for football enthusiasts and fans who are eager to witness the next generation of NFL talent. If you’re keen on watching the Combine from the comfort of your own home, here are a few ways you can catch all the action on TV:

1. NFL Network: The NFL Network is the official broadcaster of the NFL Combine. They provide comprehensive coverage of all the tests, drills, and interviews throughout the event. Check your local listings or visit the NFL Network’s website to find out the specific schedule for the Combine and tune in to the channel during the designated times.

2. ESPN: ESPN also carries coverage of the NFL Combine, offering live broadcasts and analysis of the event. They provide in-depth coverage of the top prospects and expert commentary on their performances. Keep an eye on the ESPN schedule to know when and where to catch the Combine on their network.

3. Online Streaming Services: Many streaming platforms offer live TV options that include sports networks like the NFL Network and ESPN. Services like Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV provide access to these channels, allowing you to watch the Combine on your preferred streaming device. Check the availability of these channels on their respective streaming platforms and subscribe to the appropriate package that includes the NFL Network and ESPN.

4. Mobile Apps: The NFL and ESPN both have mobile apps that allow you to stream live content on your mobile devices. Download the official NFL and ESPN apps to your smartphone or tablet, sign in with your cable or streaming service credentials, and enjoy watching the Combine on the go.

5. Highlights and Recaps: If you’re unable to catch the live broadcast, fear not. Various sports news outlets, including the official NFL website, provide highlights and recaps of the NFL Combine. You can catch up on the most notable performances, results, and interviews after the event has concluded.

Remember to check your local listings and the official websites of the NFL Network and ESPN for accurate scheduling information. Set a reminder for the Combine days you want to watch and plan your viewing accordingly.

Watching the NFL Combine on TV is a fantastic way to witness the athleticism and skill of the college football prospects as they strive to make a lasting impression on NFL teams ahead of the draft.

How to Stream the NFL Combine Online

If you prefer to watch the NFL Combine online, there are several streaming options available that will allow you to catch all the action from your computer, smartphone, or other streaming devices. Here’s how you can stream the NFL Combine:

1. NFL.com and NFL Mobile App: The official website and mobile app of the NFL often provide live streaming coverage of the Combine. Visit NFL.com or download the NFL Mobile App on your smartphone or tablet, and you may be able to access live streams of the event without any additional cost.

2. NFL Network Online: The NFL Network website offers a live stream of their programming, including the NFL Combine. If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription that includes the NFL Network, you can sign in with your provider credentials to stream the Combine live on the NFL Network’s official website.

3. ESPN and ESPN App: ESPN also provides online streaming of their content, including the NFL Combine. If you have a cable or streaming TV subscription that includes ESPN, you can stream the Combine live on the ESPN website or through the ESPN app on your mobile devices.

4. Dedicated Streaming Services: Various streaming services offer packages that include sports channels like the NFL Network and ESPN. Platforms such as Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV provide access to these channels, allowing you to stream the NFL Combine live on your preferred streaming device. Check the availability of these channels on their respective streaming platforms and choose the package that suits your streaming needs.

5. Social Media Platforms: The NFL and other sports media outlets often share live updates, highlights, and interviews from the NFL Combine on their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While these platforms may not provide full live coverage, they can still keep you up to date with the latest happenings throughout the Combine.

Remember, some of these streaming options may require a subscription or a cable/satellite TV login. Make sure to check the availability and requirements of each streaming service before attempting to stream the NFL Combine online.

Streaming the NFL Combine online allows you to watch the event on your preferred devices and provides flexibility in where and when you can tune in. Enjoy the excitement of the Combine from the comfort of your own home or on the go with online streaming options.

Where to Find Live Updates and Highlights of the NFL Combine

If you’re unable to watch the NFL Combine live on TV or stream it online, there are still plenty of ways to stay updated on the event and catch the highlights. Here are some sources where you can find live updates and highlights of the NFL Combine:

1. NFL.com: The official website of the National Football League, NFL.com, is an excellent resource for live updates and highlights of the Combine. They provide real-time coverage of the event, including news, videos, photos, and player profiles. Visit the NFL.com Combine section or follow their social media accounts for the latest updates and highlights.

2. NFL Mobile App: The NFL Mobile App offers a convenient way to access live updates and highlights of the NFL Combine on your smartphone or tablet. The app provides comprehensive coverage, including news articles, videos, and player stats. Download the app from your device’s app store and navigate to the Combine section to stay informed on the latest happenings.

3. Social Media Platforms: Follow the official NFL accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The NFL and team accounts often share live updates, highlights, and behind-the-scenes content from the Combine. Additionally, sports journalists, analysts, and NFL insiders frequently provide updates and analysis on their social media channels. Use hashtags like #NFLCombine or #NFLDraft to track relevant posts from various sources.

4. Sports News Outlets: Stay connected with sports news outlets like ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, and Bleacher Report. These outlets typically provide live updates, analysis, and highlights of the NFL Combine. Check their websites, mobile apps, or follow their social media accounts for up-to-date information.

5. YouTube: YouTube is a treasure trove of NFL Combine content. You can find highlights, interviews, and analysis from various channels that cover the event. Search for specific prospects or Combine events to discover videos that offer insights and recaps of the performances.

6. Podcasts and Radio: Listen to sports podcasts or tune in to sports radio stations that cover the NFL Combine. Many podcasts and radio shows discuss the event, share updates, and provide analysis of the performances. This can be a great way to stay updated if you prefer listening over reading or watching.

Utilize these sources to stay informed about the NFL Combine and catch the highlights even if you couldn’t watch the event live. Whether it’s through official NFL platforms, social media, news outlets, or multimedia channels, you can still immerse yourself in the excitement of the Combine and stay up-to-date with the performances of the top college prospects.

Tips for Watching the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is a highly anticipated event for football fans and provides valuable insights into the abilities of the top college prospects. Here are some tips to enhance your experience while watching the NFL Combine:

1. Familiarize Yourself with the Prospects: Before tuning in, take some time to research the top prospects participating in the Combine. Understanding their college careers, strengths, weaknesses, and projected draft positions will make the performances more meaningful and give you a better context for evaluating their performances.

2. Pay Attention to Position-Specific Drills: Each position group participates in specific drills that are tailored to their skill sets. Focus on these drills to gain a deeper understanding of how each prospect performs relative to their position’s requirements. Whether it’s the quarterback’s throwing accuracy or the defensive back’s agility, these drills can provide valuable insights into a player’s potential at the professional level.

3. Watch for Strong Athletic Performances: The Combine is known for showcasing incredible athleticism. Keep an eye out for standout performances in the physical tests such as the 40-yard dash, vertical jump, and bench press. These tests often highlight exceptional speed, explosiveness, and strength, which can greatly impact a player’s draft stock.

4. Evaluate Football IQ: While the physical tests grab attention, don’t overlook the mental aspects of the Combine. Listen to interviews and pay attention to how prospects communicate during team meetings and media sessions. Assessing a player’s football IQ, leadership abilities, and communication skills can be crucial factors for teams when determining their draft value.

5. Take Note of Interviews and Body Language: Watch for how prospects handle themselves during interviews and interact with team representatives. Look for signs of confidence, poise, and professionalism. Body language can provide subtle insights into a player’s character, work ethic, and ability to handle pressure, which are all important considerations for teams during the evaluation process.

6. Follow Expert Analysis and Commentary: Engage with the expert analysis and commentary provided by NFL insiders, analysts, and former players during the Combine. Their insights can offer valuable context and perspective on the performances and help you gain a deeper understanding of the draft prospects.

7. Keep Up with the Latest News and Updates: The Combine is a dynamic event, and new information can emerge throughout the event. Stay updated with the latest news, injury reports, and notable performances through official NFL channels, sports news outlets, or social media platforms. This will enhance your understanding of how the Combine is shaping the draft landscape.

By implementing these tips, you can make the most of your NFL Combine watching experience. Enjoy the event, appreciate the skill and dedication of the prospects, and engage with the analysis surrounding the event as you prepare for the NFL Draft.

Top Prospects to Watch at the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine brings together the best college football talent, showcasing their skills and potential in front of NFL scouts, coaches, and team representatives. While there are numerous prospects participating, certain players stand out due to their impressive college careers and high projections for the NFL Draft. Here are some top prospects to watch at the NFL Combine:

1. Trevor Lawrence, Quarterback: Lawrence is widely regarded as the top quarterback prospect in the draft class. His impressive arm talent, size, and poise in the pocket have garnered attention throughout his college career at Clemson. Observing Lawrence’s throwing accuracy, footwork, and decision-making during the Combine drills will be key in further evaluating his draft stock.

2. DeVonta Smith, Wide Receiver: Fresh off winning the Heisman Trophy, Smith is an electrifying playmaker at the wide receiver position. His smooth route running, outstanding hands, and ability to create separation have made him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Keep an eye on how Smith performs in the agility drills and the gauntlet drill to assess his quickness and overall athleticism.

3. Micah Parsons, Linebacker: Parsons is an exceptional talent at linebacker, known for his sideline-to-sideline speed and tackling ability. His coverage skills, instincts, and versatility make him a highly coveted prospect. Watch for his explosiveness in the 40-yard dash and the fluidity of his movements in the linebacker specific drills.

4. Ja’Marr Chase, Wide Receiver: Chase opted out of the 2020 college football season, but his dominant performance in 2019 cannot be overlooked. He possesses excellent size, physicality, and the ability to win contested catches. Keep an eye on his vertical jump and catching technique during the Combine to see if he can solidify his status as a top receiver in the draft.

5. Penei Sewell, Offensive Tackle: Sewell is an extremely talented offensive tackle known for his strength, agility, and technique. He excels in pass protection and run blocking, making him a highly sought-after prospect. Observing his footwork, hand placement, and overall athleticism during the Combine drills will provide insight into his potential at the next level.

6. Kyle Pitts, Tight End: Pitts is a dynamic pass-catching tight end with exceptional size and athleticism. He poses mismatch problems for defenses with his speed and ability to win jump balls. Pay attention to his 40-yard dash time and his performances in the cone drills to gauge his speed, agility, and route running abilities as a tight end.

7. Patrick Surtain II, Cornerback: Surtain II is a lockdown cornerback with excellent size, physicality, and coverage skills. He possesses the ability to shut down top receivers and disrupt passing lanes. Watching Surtain II in the 3-cone drill and the backpedal and turn drills will reveal his agility, fluidity, and change of direction abilities.

These are just a few of the top prospects to watch at the NFL Combine. Paying attention to their performances and results in the various drills and tests will provide valuable insights into their potential at the next level. Keep an eye on these players as they aim to solidify their draft stock and make an impact in the NFL.

Notable Events and Measurements to Look Out for at the NFL Combine

The NFL Combine is a showcase of the top college football prospects, featuring a series of events and measurements that provide valuable insights into their athleticism and skills. While every event and measurement is important, some notable ones to pay attention to include:

1. 40-Yard Dash: The 40-yard dash is often one of the most anticipated events at the Combine. It measures a player’s speed and explosiveness off the line of scrimmage. A fast 40-yard dash time can significantly boost a player’s draft stock, particularly for positions that require speed, such as wide receiver, cornerback, and running back.

2. Bench Press: The bench press measures a player’s upper body strength and endurance. It assesses how many times a prospect can lift a certain weight (usually 225 pounds) consecutively. A high number of reps indicates impressive strength and can be particularly important for positions like offensive line, defensive line, and linebacker.

3. Vertical Jump: The vertical jump measures a player’s ability to explode off the ground and reach a high point in the air. It assesses lower body power and explosiveness, which are crucial for positions such as wide receiver, cornerback, and safety who need to make acrobatic catches or defend jump balls.

4. Three-Cone Drill: The three-cone drill focuses on a player’s agility, quickness, and change of direction ability. It involves running in a specific pattern around three cones. The quicker a prospect completes the drill, the more impressive their agility and lateral movements are, which is vital for positions such as running back, wide receiver, and defensive backs.

5. Broad Jump: The broad jump measures a player’s lower body explosiveness and power. It evaluates how far a prospect can jump from a standing position. A long broad jump indicates lower body strength and explosiveness, which can be advantageous for positions like defensive back, linebacker, and wide receiver.

6. Wonderlic Test: The Wonderlic Test is a cognitive ability test designed to assess a player’s problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and mental aptitude. It evaluates a player’s ability to process information quickly, which is important for understanding complex playbooks and making decisions on the field. The Wonderlic Test is administered to all prospects and can influence a player’s draft stock.

7. Height, Weight, and Arm Length: The specific measurements of a prospect, including their height, weight, and arm length, play a significant role in evaluating their physical attributes and suitability for certain positions. For example, taller wide receivers may have an advantage in contested catches, while longer arm lengths can be advantageous for offensive linemen to block and defensive backs to disrupt passing lanes.

These are just a few of the notable events and measurements to watch out for at the NFL Combine. Each of these tests provides valuable information about a player’s physical abilities, skills, and potential to succeed at the professional level. Paying attention to these events and measurements can help gauge a prospect’s readiness for the NFL and their potential impact on the field.

How the NFL Combine Impacts the Draft Process

The NFL Combine plays a crucial role in the evaluation and decision-making process leading up to the NFL Draft. Here’s how the Combine impacts the draft process:

1. Performance Evaluation: The Combine provides an opportunity for NFL teams to assess the physical abilities, skills, and potential of the top college prospects. The results of the various events and measurements at the Combine, such as the 40-yard dash, bench press, and vertical jump, offer insight into a player’s athleticism and how they stack up against their peers. Strong performances can significantly boost a player’s draft stock, while weak showings may raise concerns for teams and potentially lower a player’s draft value.

2. Validation of College Production: The Combine serves as a validation tool for evaluating a player’s on-field college production. The physical tests and drills allow teams to confirm whether a prospect’s game tape matches their athletic skills. It helps confirm that a player’s production is not just a result of their competition level or college system but also a reflection of genuine talent and physical abilities.

3. Medical Evaluation: In addition to the on-field performance evaluation, the Combine includes thorough medical examinations for prospects. Team doctors and medical personnel assess any pre-existing injuries or potential health concerns that could affect a player’s draft stock. The medical evaluations provide teams with essential information to make informed decisions about a player’s long-term health and durability.

4. Interviews and Character Assessment: The Combine includes interviews and meetings between teams and prospects. These interactions allow teams to assess a player’s personality, intelligence, work ethic, and how they would fit within their organization. Evaluating a prospect’s character and ability to handle the pressure of playing in the NFL is crucial for teams in determining if they are a good cultural fit and if they possess the mental toughness required to succeed at the professional level.

5. Draft Position Impact: The performances and results at the Combine have a significant impact on a prospect’s draft position. Strong showings in the physical tests and impressive performances in the drills can propel a player’s draft stock, which can result in being selected earlier in the draft. Conversely, a subpar Combine performance can lead to a drop in a player’s draft stock, potentially pushing them down to later rounds.

6. Draft Strategy Adjustment: The Combine can also influence a team’s draft strategy. Impressive performances by certain prospects at specific positions might prompt teams to reconsider their draft plans, reassess needs, and potentially prioritize certain positions or players. Conversely, disappointing performances by prospects or unexpected injury discoveries might cause teams to reconsider their evaluations and adjust their draft boards accordingly.

Overall, the NFL Combine plays a significant role in the draft process. It provides teams with valuable information to evaluate prospects’ physical abilities, character, and medical history. The Combine impacts a prospect’s draft stock, influences team draft strategies, and helps ensure that teams are making informed decisions when selecting the next generation of NFL talent.

Other Resources to Enhance Your NFL Combine Experience

While watching the NFL Combine can be an exciting and informative experience, there are additional resources you can utilize to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the event. Here are some other resources to consider:

1. Combine Analysts and Experts: Many sports analysts and experts provide in-depth coverage and analysis of the NFL Combine. These individuals offer valuable insights into the performances, trends, and potential draft implications. Follow their articles, podcasts, and social media accounts for expert opinions and breakdowns of the Combine events and prospects.

2. Mock Drafts and Draft Rankings: Mock drafts and draft rankings compiled by experts can provide a glimpse into how the performances at the NFL Combine might impact a player’s draft stock. Following these mock drafts and rankings can give you an idea of where certain prospects are projected to be selected and how their performances might affect their positioning in the draft.

3. Team-Specific Analysis: Pay attention to team-specific analysis and coverage provided by analysts who have a close focus on particular NFL teams. These analysts can provide insights into how a specific team’s needs and draft strategy might align with the performances at the Combine. This can help you understand how teams are evaluating prospects and making decisions based on Combine results.

4. Social Media Interaction: Engage with other fans, experts, and analysts through social media platforms. Discussion threads, live chats, and Twitter debates can enhance your understanding of different perspectives regarding prospects, Combine performances, and the overall draft landscape. This can be a great way to share opinions, ask questions, and stay connected with the football community during the Combine.

5. Highlight Reels and Player Profiles: After the Combine concludes, highlight reels and player profiles produced by media outlets can give you a closer look at individual prospects. These videos often showcase the top performances from each event and provide additional context about the players and their journey leading up to the NFL Combine.

6. Podcasts and Radio Shows: Listening to podcasts and radio shows dedicated to covering the NFL Combine can offer expert analysis, interviews with prospects, and discussions about the event. These audio formats provide an opportunity to gain insights while on the go or during downtime.

By leveraging these additional resources, you can expand your knowledge, gain different perspectives, and stay engaged throughout the NFL Combine. Whether it’s through expert analysis, mock drafts, team-specific coverage, social media interactions, player profiles, or podcasts, these resources can enhance your understanding and enrich your overall Combine experience.