Tori Spelling’s Heartfelt Birthday Message To Mother Candy Spelling


In a surprising turn of events, Tori Spelling, the famous American actress and daughter of Candy Spelling, took to Instagram to wish her mother a very happy birthday on her 78th birthday. Despite their rocky relationship in the past, Tori expressed her love and gratitude towards her mother with a series of heartwarming photos.

Key Takeaway

Tori Spelling shares a heartfelt birthday message for mother Candy Spelling, expressing her love and gratitude despite their rocky relationship in the past. This unexpected display of affection indicates a possible mending of their relationship.

In her Instagram post, Tori shared how grateful she was to be Candy’s daughter and reminisced about their happiest memories together. She described moments of uncontrollable laughter and shared anecdotes of watching horror films in bed with her mother. Tori also acknowledged the beautiful life that her parents provided for her and her brother, which she never takes for granted.

It is worth noting that Tori and Candy have had their fair share of conflicts over the years. Candy has accused Tori of distancing herself and keeping her grandchildren away. There have also been claims that Candy withheld financial support from Tori during challenging times. However, it seems that the mother and daughter duo have worked on repairing their relationship in recent years.

Their reconciliation was evident when Candy expressed her willingness to financially support Tori after pictures surfaced of her seemingly living in a trailer with her children. While it remains unclear whether Tori accepted the offer, it is clear that the bond between mother and daughter continues to evolve.