Tom Brady Displays Basketball Skills In Intense Workout With Son


In a surprising turn of events, football legend Tom Brady showcased his exceptional basketball skills in a recent workout session. The retired NFL superstar, known for his record-breaking performances on the football field, proved that his talents extend beyond his sports of choice. Brady captivated fans with his remarkable shooting prowess during a one-on-one game with his eldest son, Jack, at The Summit in New York under the guidance of renowned NBA skills trainer, Chris Brickley.

Key Takeaway

Tom Brady, the legendary football player, demonstrated his basketball prowess in an impressive workout session with his son. The remarkable skills showcased by both Brady and his son highlight their athletic prowess and dedication to continuous improvement.

A Basketball Prodigy in the Making

During the workout, the 46-year-old displayed his ability to sink shots from all areas of the court, leaving spectators in awe. Surprisingly, Brady’s son, Jack, showcased his own exceptional skills, nailing several impressive three-point shots in front of his father. The heartwarming exchange between the two showcased the undeniable talent and competitive spirit that runs in the Brady family.

Continued Improvement on Display

Expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to train with Brickley, Brady took to Instagram to share his thoughts. “Thanks for having us @cbrickley603,” he wrote. “I’m gonna need a few more sessions to be able to keep up with this kid soon.” This glimpse into their intense workout not only highlights Brady’s dedication to improvement but also his desire to continue excelling in various athletic endeavors.

A Multifaceted Superstar

This recent basketball display isn’t the first time Brady has showcased his sporting versatility. In the past, he was caught on camera engaging in a pickup basketball game with none other than basketball legend Michael Jordan, further solidifying his status as an exceptional athlete. It is evident that Brady’s passion for competition extends far beyond the football field.