The Tragic Case Of Lee Sun-kyun: Pleas For Privacy Amid Drug Probe


‘Parasite’ star Lee Sun-kyun had pleaded with the police to keep his drug investigation private, just four days before his tragic death. This revelation has shed light on the intense pressure he was facing as a result of the public scrutiny surrounding the case.

Key Takeaway

Lee Sun-kyun, a prominent South Korean actor, made a heartfelt plea for privacy amidst a drug investigation, highlighting the immense pressure and distress he experienced due to intense media coverage.

A Desperate Plea

Prior to his apparent suicide, Lee Sun-kyun’s lawyer made a heartfelt request to the police to refrain from disclosing the ongoing investigation to the media. Despite this plea, the authorities opted to proceed with the public announcement.

Struggling with Intense Media Coverage

As the media attention surrounding the allegations intensified, Lee Sun-kyun expressed his distress over the relentless public scrutiny. His lawyer conveyed the actor’s hope for the interrogation process to remain private, citing the immense burden he felt discussing the allegations amidst the intense media coverage.

Police Response

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Chief, Kim Hui-jung, expressed deep regret over Lee Sun-kyun’s passing. However, he maintained the police’s firm stance on the investigation, emphasizing that the rigorous questioning had been conducted with the actor’s consent.

Tragic Discovery

Lee Sun-kyun, aged 48, was discovered lifeless in his car in Seoul, just a day after being reported missing by his manager. The actor had been under investigation for his alleged involvement in a drug blackmail plot, involving the use of marijuana and other substances.