Natalee Holloway’s Brother Vows To Confront Joran Van Der Sloot If He Walks Free


In a shocking development, Matt Holloway, the brother of the late Natalee Holloway, has expressed his deep skepticism regarding Joran van der Sloot’s claimed religious transformation. Van der Sloot, who was recently sentenced to 20 years in Alabama on charges of extortion and wire fraud, and who is also serving a separate 22-year sentence in Peru for murder and drug trafficking, has professed to finding God. However, Matt Holloway believes that this is merely a ploy and is prepared to take matters into his own hands.

Key Takeaway

Matt Holloway, the brother of Natalee Holloway, has strong doubts about Joran van der Sloot’s claim of religious transformation and is ready to confront him physically if he is ever released.

A former correctional officer himself, Holloway acknowledges that it is not uncommon for inmates to find solace in religion while incarcerated. However, he firmly believes that van der Sloot’s intentions are far from genuine. In fact, Holloway argues that van der Sloot’s admission of guilt and subsequent plea deal were motivated by self-interest rather than genuine remorse.

Considering van der Sloot’s projected release date in June 2045, when he will be 57 years old, Holloway’s strong reaction may seem extreme to some. However, the pain and loss that the Holloway family has endured for nearly two decades may explain his heightened emotions.

Furthermore, Holloway claims that the investigation into his sister’s disappearance was compromised by corruption and interference from van der Sloot’s father, a well-known attorney in Aruba. He is now calling on the Aruban government to reexamine the case and explore potential charges against van der Sloot in light of his recent confession and misleading of the authorities.

In the recent chilling audio confession made by van der Sloot, he admitted to brutally assaulting Natalee with a cinder block after she rejected his advances. This horrifying revelation has brought a sense of closure to the Holloway family, with Matt recounting his mother’s relief upon hearing the confession.

As the legal proceedings continue, the Holloway family remains determined to seek justice for Natalee and to hold van der Sloot accountable for his actions. Matt Holloway’s unwavering stance serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring pain caused by this tragic case, and his commitment to defending his sister’s memory.