Texans’ Dare Ogunbowale Floored By C.J. Stroud’s Phenomenal Start


Houston Texans’ rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud is off to an incredible start in his NFL career, and it has left his teammate Dare Ogunbowale in awe. Ogunbowale, a running back for the Texans, admits that he is surprised by Stroud’s success because he understands the challenges of playing in the NFL, especially as a quarterback.

Key Takeaway

C.J. Stroud’s remarkable start in the NFL has left his teammate Dare Ogunbowale amazed. Ogunbowale is impressed not only by Stroud’s talent but also by his poise and confidence on the field.

Stroud’s performance has been nothing short of remarkable. In just eight games, he has thrown for 2,270 yards, 14 touchdowns, and has only thrown one interception. His most recent game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers showcased his skills, as he set a record for rookie quarterbacks with 470 passing yards.

Ogunbowale acknowledges that watching Stroud play has been an incredible experience. “It’s special, man,” he says. The running back is impressed not only by Stroud’s talent but also by the poise and command he exhibits in the huddle. Ogunbowale finds it enjoyable to see the confidence that Stroud brings to the offense.

This weekend, Stroud and the Texans will face a tough challenge as they take on the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals. Ogunbowale understands that it will be a difficult matchup. However, he laments that his duties for the game will not include kicking, as they did in the previous game against the Buccaneers.