Teairra Marí Threatens Physical Confrontation With Keri Hilson After Story Recount


In a not-so-subtle clash of R&B divas, Teairra Marí has recently expressed her frustration with Keri Hilson’s alleged behind-the-scenes comments. Marí, known for her hit single “Make Her Feel Good,” is not holding back as she threatens to unleash her anger on Hilson, whom she claims has been talking negatively about her for years. This conflict escalated after Hilson’s appearance on Tank’s podcast last month.

Key Takeaway

Teairra Marí has issued a heated threat against Keri Hilson, vowing to physically confront her after years of alleged negative comments. The clash originated from Hilson’s recounting of a concert incident, where Marí’s energy supposedly impacted Hilson’s performance. Marí’s response reflects her frustration and determination to address this conflict head-on.

Keri Hilson’s Concert Confrontation Recollection

The tension between the two singers began when Hilson recounted a past incident during one of her concerts. According to Hilson, Marí was sitting in the front row, exuding a toxic “I-don’t-wanna-be-here” energy that affected Hilson’s performance. Hilson emphasized the importance of artists supporting and showing love to one another during their shows, suggesting that Marí’s behavior did the opposite.

Teairra Marí’s Fiery Response

Teairra Marí did not take Hilson’s remarks lightly. In an explosive comment on “The Neighborhood Talk,” Marí fired back, stating that she is tired of being bothered by people and wants to be left alone. She directly addressed Hilson, challenging her to a physical altercation. Marí claimed that Hilson’s story dramatically changed when they were face-to-face, accusing her of being a liar.

This aggressive exchange suggests that Marí is prepared to settle this dispute by any means necessary, seemingly disregarding the possibility of a peaceful resolution.

Potential for a Referee

While it remains uncertain how this conflict will be resolved, there is speculation that Tank, who sparked the initial controversy by hosting the podcast episode, may step in as a mediator or referee. Whether Tank’s involvement will defuse the situation or further escalate it remains to be seen.