Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Show PDA As They Head Into Nobu Before SNL


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted together on Saturday night, putting any doubts about their relationship to rest. The couple showed some public display of affection (PDA) as they held hands while heading into Nobu before making their way to appear on “Saturday Night Live” at 30 Rock.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce confirm their relationship as they publicly show PDA by holding hands before their appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” The couple was later seen at the “SNL” afterparty, further solidifying their status as a couple. Their actions put an end to the speculations regarding their romance.

A Surprise Appearance on SNL

Taylor Swift’s appearance on SNL was a big surprise for fans. Although she only spoke four words, the crowd went wild when she introduced Ice Spice. It seems like Taylor and Travis wanted to make their first public outing as a couple a memorable one.

The “SNL” Afterparty

After the show, Travis and Taylor continued their night by heading to Catch Steak for the “SNL” afterparty. An eyewitness revealed that the couple was seen kissing at Catch, with Travis keeping a firm arm around Taylor’s waist. They stayed at the party until 4 AM, clearly enjoying each other’s company.

Putting an End to the Speculations

The rumors of Taylor and Travis dating have been circulating for weeks. While sources have confirmed their relationship and stated that they have been together for several months, this public display of affection truly puts an end to any conspiracy theories. The couple seems to be going strong and unbothered by the speculations surrounding their romance.

Embracing the Night Out

Despite the bad weather, Taylor and Travis didn’t let it dampen their spirits as they ventured out for the night. They were determined to enjoy their time together and explore the town, making the most of their evening out.

Jet-Setting Couple

Taylor Swift has been quite busy with her travels this week. She flew from NYC to Kansas City to support Travis during his game, then made her way to Los Angeles for the premiere of her new movie, and finally back to NYC with Travis for their SNL appearance. It seems like their new romance isn’t slowing down their individual pursuits and adventures.