Did ‘SNL’ Comedy Trio Really Spark Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Romance?


A “Saturday Night Live” comedy trio is taking credit for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance, claiming they played a role in bringing the two together. However, they are hesitant to take full credit, especially considering Taylor’s devoted fan base.

Key Takeaway

While the ‘SNL’ comedy trio claims to have played a role in bringing Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together, the true origin of their romance remains a mystery. Their hesitance to take full credit reflects the potential impact on Taylor’s devoted fan base, the Swifties.

Traylor’s Origin Story

The topic of Traylor kickstarted when comics Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy, who make up Please Don’t Destroy on ‘SNL’, revealed that Taylor Swift had watched Travis Kelce’s ‘SNL’ episode before they first met and expressed her admiration for his performance. Ben Marshall mentioned that Taylor thought Travis seemed super funny in the clip, suggesting that this might have sparked their initial connection.

The Swifties Factor

Despite their claim, Ben expressed reservations about taking credit for the Traylor romance, citing Taylor’s loyal fan base, the Swifties. He emphasized that if the relationship were to ever end, they would likely face backlash from Taylor’s fans.

‘SNL’ History

Travis Kelce hosted ‘SNL’ in March 2023, about six months before he went public with Taylor Swift. The comedy trio, Please Don’t Destroy, had written a pre-taped sketch for Travis, showcasing their ‘SNL’ history and potential connection to the couple’s relationship.