Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Share A Roof In Their Luxurious Mansion


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are making the most of their time together before Taylor heads to Argentina on November 9th for her ‘Eras’ tour, as they spent the night together in their luxurious mansion.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce spent the night together in their lavish mansion before Taylor’s upcoming tour. Taylor has been a supportive girlfriend, attending her boyfriend’s games alongside his family. They have been keeping their relationship low-key and have yet to make it official on social media.

Taylor’s security vehicles were parked outside Travis’ mansion, keeping a watchful eye for any onlookers or intruders.

A Supportive Girlfriend

As you may know, Taylor has been cheering on her boyfriend at his games, and this was her third game in attendance. She was alongside Travis’ mother and father, as well as Brittany Mahomes.

It’s worth noting that something rather serious is going on. Taylor flew from New York to Los Angeles on Wednesday to attend the world premiere of her movie at The Grove and then traveled to Kansas City the following day to appear at the game that night.

Quite intriguing…aside from seeing them leave the stadium a few weeks ago and get into a convertible, we haven’t seen them in the same frame, but there’s no doubt…they’re not yet official on Instagram…for now.