Taylor Lorenz Says President Biden’s Memes And Social Media Won’t Win Over Young Voters


President Biden is making waves on the internet with a playful birthday cake meme poking fun at his age. However, according to technology reporter Taylor Lorenz, this viral content won’t be enough to secure the younger generation’s support in the upcoming elections.

Key Takeaway

President Biden’s reliance on memes and social media to win over young voters may not be effective, according to technology reporter Taylor Lorenz.

A Missed Connection with Gen Z

Lorenz, who covers digital trends for the Washington Post, believes that President Biden and his team are misguided in their attempts to connect with Generation Z. The assumption that viral content and memes alone will sway young voters is, in her opinion, a flawed strategy.

Lorenz argues that to truly resonate with young people, Biden needs to address their concerns and priorities through meaningful policy changes. She points out that there are several key issues where the President appears out of touch with this demographic, including the economy, housing, healthcare, and even the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where their views may differ.

Additionally, the frequent stumbling and mix-ups, such as confusing celebrities like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift, reflect poorly on Biden, according to Lorenz. She believes that these mishaps further diminish his standing among young voters.

In essence, Lorenz suggests that President Biden must enhance his approach and engage with 20-somethings on a deeper level, focusing on substance rather than relying solely on gimmicks. As of now, the memes and social media presence are falling short in winning over this crucial voting bloc.