Bill Maher’s Hilarious State Of The Union Speech Advice For Biden


Bill Maher, the host of ‘Real Time’, had some comical advice for President Joe Biden. He suggested that the President should embrace his age and lean into being an “old fart.” Maher humorously pointed out that when the President claims to be sharper than ever, not many people are convinced. In fact, Maher joked that Biden is so old that his troubled child is 54 years old!

Key Takeaway

Bill Maher humorously advised President Biden to embrace his age and appeal to older voters, suggesting a memorable entrance with a walker for the upcoming State of the Union address.

Appealing to Older Voters

Maher advised Biden to stop trying to act young by riding bikes and using TikTok, referencing Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful attempt at this approach. He highlighted the fact that older people tend to vote more than younger individuals, suggesting that Biden should focus on appealing to the older demographic, even humorously recommending advertising on CBS, known for its older viewership.

Genius State of the Union Idea

During his show, Maher proposed a brilliant and humorous idea for President Biden’s upcoming State of the Union address. He suggested that Biden should make a memorable entrance by walking up to the stage with a walker. The suggestion was met with laughter from the audience, and Maher’s out-of-context audience reactions added to the comedic effect.