Suspected Armed Robber Fatally Shot By Police In Arizona, Video Shows


A dramatic turn of events unfolded in broad daylight in Arizona when a suspected armed robber was fatally shot by police. The entire violent encounter was captured on video, shedding light on the intensity of the situation.

Key Takeaway

A suspected armed robber, Ny’Kendreon Pride, was fatally shot by police in Arizona. Despite efforts to subdue him, Pride attempted to flee and brandished what seemed to be a firearm, leading to his demise. This incident underscores the risks faced by law enforcement officers in apprehending dangerous criminals.

The Crime Spree Comes to a Halt

The suspect, identified as Ny’Kendreon Pride, was wanted for a string of thefts that occurred in early August. His hours-long crime spree across Mesa finally ended when a U.S Marshals-led task force located him on a busy street.

A Grisly Encounter Caught on Camera

Surveillance footage reveals Pride walking along a sidewalk, believed to be armed with a handgun, as officers in an SUV begin to close in on him. In an attempt to disorient Pride, one of the officers tosses a flash bang grenade out the window. However, the non-lethal explosive device fails to have the desired effect.

Pride, undeterred by the grenade, starts running away from the officers. In a split-second decision, a detective in the passenger seat of the SUV fires a shotgun at Pride after he pulls out what appears to be a firearm. The suspect is immediately struck and drops to the ground, lifeless.

Suspected in a Series of Armed Robberies

Prior to this fatal encounter, Pride was suspected of carrying out three armed robberies at Dollar General and Walgreens stores in Mesa. The police had been actively seeking his arrest in connection with these crimes.