Surprise Luxury Party: J Balvin Celebrates Valentina Ferrer’s 30th Birthday In Style


J Balvin, the renowned Colombian artist, knows how to make birthdays extra special. This time, he went all out to surprise his girlfriend, Valentina Ferrer, with a lavish celebration for her 30th birthday. The party took place at a sprawling 7,000-square-foot villa located on the beautiful Miami Beach waterfront. About 35 people, including Valentina’s family, gathered to join in the festivities.

Key Takeaway

J Balvin organized an extravagant surprise party for his girlfriend Valentina Ferrer’s 30th birthday, bringing her family from Argentina to celebrate together. The party took place in a luxurious villa in Miami Beach, with delicious Argentinian food and a lively atmosphere. It was a well-kept secret that left Valentina pleasantly surprised.

In a heartwarming gesture, J Balvin flew Valentina’s parents, siblings, and other family members all the way from Argentina to be a part of this memorable occasion. Even their adorable 2-year-old son, Rio, was in attendance, although he probably didn’t party as hard as the adults.

One of the highlights of the evening was undoubtedly the delicious food. J Balvin hired a private chef from Colombia who prepared a mouth-watering spread of Argentinian meats for everyone to enjoy. To keep the party atmosphere going, a DJ was hired to provide an electrifying soundtrack for the night. However, J Balvin opted to take a break from performing and simply enjoyed the festivities as a proud boyfriend.

Valentina had no inkling about the surprise party, making it an impressive feat of secrecy, especially with the entire family managing to keep it under wraps. The joy on her face as she walked into the party must have been priceless.

Before throwing this fabulous birthday bash, J Balvin and Valentina had a whirlwind weekend. They started by attending the NASCAR Cup Series in Tennessee on Saturday, where J Balvin launched his collaboration with Nike Jordan for a shoe collection. Afterward, the couple jetted off to Miami to continue the festivities.

Interestingly, their weekend adventures followed a double date they had on Thursday in Beverly Hills. They were seen enjoying each other’s company with none other than Cher and Alexander Edwards, who were rumored to have recently ended their relationship. It seems like J Balvin and Valentina’s love story is going strong amidst the glittering world of Hollywood.