Steph Curry Playfully Trolls Former Teammate Festus Ezeli During Live Broadcast


In a heartwarming and humorous moment, basketball superstar Steph Curry couldn’t resist having a little fun at the expense of his former teammate and now sideline reporter, Festus Ezeli, during a live TV broadcast. Ezeli, who traded in his basketball sneakers for a suit and a microphone, was unsuspectingly caught off guard by Curry’s playful antics, delighting fans and viewers alike.

Key Takeaway

Steph Curry delighted fans and viewers when he pranked his former teammate and current sideline reporter, Festus Ezeli, during a live TV broadcast. The lighthearted moment showcased their enduring friendship, reminding us all that once a teammate, always a teammate.

A Surprise Appearance

The incident occurred during Ezeli’s pre-game report before the Warriors-Blazers game at the Chase Center in San Francisco. As Ezeli discussed Andrew Wiggins’ return from a thumb injury, Curry casually walked onto the court and positioned himself behind the 6’11” reporter. Oblivious to Curry’s presence, Ezeli continued to report, unaware of the comedy unfolding behind him.

A Playful Prank

Curry, known for his sense of humor, proceeded to pace back and forth behind Ezeli, playfully staring at him as he spoke to the camera. Audiences couldn’t help but chuckle as Curry maintained a mischievous presence without Ezeli catching on. Eventually, the prankster cracked a smile, breaking the tension, and even expressed his approval of Ezeli’s message about Curry’s exceptional playing skills.

“I approve that message,” Curry remarked to Ezeli, acknowledging the camaraderie and bond they shared as former teammates.

A Shared Moment

Festus Ezeli later shared the lighthearted exchange on his social media, expressing his affection for Curry with a laughing emoji. In a post, he admitted to being distracted by the producer’s instructions in his ear while trying to deliver his report.

The incident serves as a testament to the enduring friendship between Ezeli and Curry, who played together as teammates for the Golden State Warriors from 2012 to 2015, culminating in a memorable NBA Finals victory in 2015. Ezeli’s contributions during his three-year career with the Warriors were notable, averaging 4.3 rebounds and 1 block per game.