Golden State Warriors’ Attempted Blockbuster Trade For LeBron James


Imagine the basketball world’s two biggest superstars, LeBron James and Steph Curry, teaming up to play on the same team! The Golden State Warriors reportedly tried to make this dream scenario a reality by attempting to pull off a blockbuster trade that would have landed them the Lakers superstar ahead of the NBA deadline.

Key Takeaway

The Golden State Warriors made a bold attempt to trade for LeBron James, aiming to pair him with Steph Curry, but the Lakers showed no interest in parting ways with the superstar.

Warriors’ Bold Move

The news of the Warriors’ attempt to acquire LeBron James came as a surprise to many NBA fans. According to reports, Warriors owner Joe Lacob, with encouragement from LeBron’s close friend Draymond Green, reached out to Lakers owner Jeanie Buss with an offer for King James. This move was fueled by the belief that there was a potential opening to land LeBron and bring him to Golden State. However, the Lakers reportedly have “no desire” to trade James, and the 39-year-old superstar himself has expressed no interest in leaving Los Angeles.

Future Possibilities

Although the trade did not materialize, the possibility of LeBron James joining the Golden State Warriors is not entirely off the table. The team may consider making a run at James after the season, should the future Hall of Famer choose not to exercise a $51.4 million player option. For now, fans can look forward to seeing Curry and James play together at the NBA All-Star games this weekend in Indy, offering a glimpse of what could have been.