Squid Game: The Challenge Winner Still Awaits $4.56M Prize


The winner of “Squid Game: The Challenge” is still left hanging, months after the show concluded, as she has yet to receive her whopping $4.56 million prize. Mai Whelan, the victor of the hit Netflix series, has expressed her frustration over not getting a single penny of her winnings.

Key Takeaway

Mai Whelan, the winner of “Squid Game: The Challenge,” is still waiting for her $4.56 million prize. Despite the long delay, she remains hopeful that the payment will come soon. The contract signed by contestants forbids them from sharing their winnings, meaning the runner-up, Phil Cain, won’t be receiving any portion of the prize money. In the meantime, Mai has splurged on a few items but confessed to feeling regretful. She plans to use the prize money to buy a retirement home and support causes she is passionate about, particularly the environment.

The Wait Continues

In a recent interview with “The Times”, Mai Whelan, a 55-year-old Vietnamese woman who fled her country during the communist regime, compared her situation to the famous line from the movie Jerry Maguire, saying, “Show me the money!” Despite shooting being wrapped up ten months ago, Whelan is still waiting for her much-deserved cash prize.

While the reason behind the delay remains unclear, it is expected that the payment will be made soon. Netflix, the streaming giant that produced the show, certainly has no shortage of funds to fulfill their financial obligations.

No Sharing Allowed

Curious fans of the show speculated if Mai Whelan would share her prize money with her fellow contestants. However, it turns out that the contract she signed restricts players from sharing the cash. This means that Phil Cain, the show’s runner-up and a 27-year-old scuba instructor, won’t be benefiting from Mai’s success.

Impulsive Spending and Future Plans

Although she hasn’t received her prize money yet, Mai Whelan didn’t hold back from treating herself to a few indulgences. She admitted to splurging on a new haircut, a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, and a Ralph Lauren dress for the Netflix finale event. However, she confessed to experiencing buyer’s remorse for these impulsive purchases.

Looking ahead, Mai has plans for her $4,560,000 windfall. She intends to use a portion of it to purchase a retirement home. Additionally, she wants to contribute to causes that are dear to her heart, including environmental issues.