Sold Out: Travis Kelce’s ‘1989’ Denim Jacket From Taylor Swift Spotting


The jacket Travis Kelce was spotted wearing while leaving the Chiefs game with Taylor Swift has already sold out. The fashion line KidSuper had a matching denim jacket and pants named “Bedroom Painting”, but after the viral video of Travis and Taylor, they renamed it “1989” as a nod to Taylor’s beloved 2014 album and her upcoming re-recorded release.

Key Takeaway

The denim jacket Travis Kelce wore, renamed as the ‘1989’ jacket, has sold out after being spotted with Taylor Swift. This highlights the influence and demand generated by the combination of celebrity endorsements and strategic marketing.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Private Interactions

Taylor’s appearance at Sunday’s game wasn’t the first time she and Travis had interacted. Sources revealed that they had been together “several times” over the last few months in a very private setting. This suggests that their relationship has been more than just a one-time encounter.

The Demand for Travis Kelce’s ‘1989’ Jacket

The marketing strategy of renaming the jacket after Travis bought it has clearly paid off for KidSuper. The $295 jacket is now sold out in all sizes, and the $285 pants are currently marked as “low stock”. It’s evident that fans everywhere have been eager to get their hands on these fashionable items.

A Memorable Meeting with Travis’ Parents

During the big game, Taylor had the opportunity to meet Travis’ parents, Donna and Ed. Judging by their interactions, it seems like Taylor fit right in with the Kelce family. This meeting further solidifies the connection between Taylor and Travis.